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   Chapter 293 She Almost Fell for His Charming Smile

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8039

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When Chuck found out that Angela had taken the medicine, he immediately had her checked up, fearing that the medicine might harm the baby in her belly.

According to the previous checkups, Angela's pregnancy was still in the early stages, so they weren't able to determine that she was going to have twins. But this time, Chuck had found out that there were two babies in her womb.

'Twins?' This news might be the only thing to comfort Arvin now.

Frustrated, Arvin wanted to hug Angela, but she screamed and ran up to Sven, asking, "Brother, is Mom telling the truth that Arvin Gu is actually my husband?"

Sven hadn't been at home in the last couple of days, so he was just as shocked as the others, and didn't know what was happening.

He nodded and said, "Yes. You are married to Arvin, and you are having his babies."

Angela wasn't convinced. With her eyes and cheeks swollen from crying, she said, "You are all fooling me! Fabian is my boyfriend!" When she woke up this morning, there was a voice echoing in her head, telling her that Fabian was her boyfriend.

Although, she couldn't remember who Fabian actually was, the voice kept reminding her "Fabian", again and again...

Then, Angela looked at Arvin, who was a cold and emotionless man in her eyes now.

She figured that it must have been this evil man who had conspired with the other people to trick her.

Arvin suddenly remembered that three years ago, he had kissed Angela in the toilet, as she was drunk at the time and had accidentally gone into the men's toilet.

With that on his mind, Arvin grinned and asked, "Angela, do you remember that you drank beer with your brother in a bar on that day?"

Angela looked at him and said, "Of course I do. Didn't it happen just two days ago?" She remembered she had met him two days ago in the bar.

Arvin was a little relieved to hear that Angela hadn't completely forgotten about him.

Arvin gazed deeply into Angela's eyes and smiled, "It's all right, as long as I remember you. Angela, you are my wife, now and forever!" 'It's not a big deal that she has lost her memory.

And even if I can't help her regain her memory, I still can pursue her and win her love again!' thought Arvin confidently.

Angela was attracted by Arvin's tender smile. She hadn't realized how handsome Arvin looked when he was smiling before, despite his cold and emotionless attitude.

Angela muttered, "What happened to me? How could I have been so silly to marry this emotionless and cold man?"

"Well, so that's what you thought of me before?" asked Arvin playfully. He held her hand and lovingly played with her fingers.

"Well... no, not exactly. I should..." Angela returned the phone to Sven and stood up in bewilderment, saying, "I want to go back to my bedroom first... Please I need... some time alone."

'I am really married to Arvin...

What has happened to me in the past three years? How could I have been so silly?'

Angela needed some time to take it all in.

Arvin stood up too and said, "I'll escort you upstairs."

Angela immediately refused, "No, no. I can go by myself. Please carry on talking here by yourselves."

Then, she ran upstairs as quickly as she could, as if she was running away from some kind of danger. The others looked at Arvin with sympathy.

They all went silent for a moment.

Arvin's friends now had to go back home with disappointment, as they couldn't accomplish what they had set out to do because of Angela's sudden loss of memory.

When they went back home, they all asked their wives to visit Angela more frequently to keep her company, as she had to deal with the sudden shock of finding out that she had been married to a man like Arvin all along.

The night came. Arvin casually went into Angela's bedroom and had a bath in her bathroom, using all of her bathing items. He was doing that like a daily routine.

Judging from his spontaneous behaviour, Angela almost was convinced that Arvin was indeed her husband.

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