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   Chapter 292 Who Is My Husband

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Sven looked at Daniel and said, "Yes, Angela doesn't want to forgive Arvin. What's worse is that, lately she has started to become depressed."

Daniel looked at Colin and said, "We're here to cheer up Angela."

Colin looked at Jerry and said, "We hope she can go back to living a happy life with Arvin."

Jerry looked at Scott and said, "May Angela safely bring their baby to the world."

Scott said, "I wish Arvin and Angela a happily married life."

When Scott finished, everyone fixed their eyes on Malcolm, expecting to hear something from him as well. After noticing the others, Malcolm flipped his bangs and said, "Well, we've come here for the sake of Angela and Arvin's happiness."

Mr. and Mrs. Si. "..."

They thought, "Look at the children. They are so thoughtful."

After a while, Daisy sighed with a pale face and said to the maid, "Sammi, please go upstairs and ask Angela to come down."

"Yes, my lady."

Daisy laid her eyes on Arvin again. What she wanted to say was, he was too late.


Soon, Angela came downstairs with a man.

After seeing who the man next to Angela was, Arvin's expression hardened almost instantly.

Sensing the uncomfortable expression on Arvin's face, Malcolm intentionally dropped his dried fruit, rose from the sofa and rushed to the stairway, "Angela, who is that with you?"

Angela looked at Malcolm with a confused look on her face, then politely replied with a smile, "He is Fabian, my boyfriend."

Everyone, "..."

They looked sympathetically at Arvin, who sat there silently. It was only then that they came to realise how bad his relationship with Angela had gotten.

Daniel rubbed his eyebrows, curled his lips and asked Angela, "Angela, what's going on? You aren't divorced yet. How can you have a boyfriend?"

Hissing... Daniel sensed something was wrong with Angela.

Jerry had the same thought as Daniel. He felt that Angela was acting strange, so he asked, "Angela, it is impossible for you to have a boyfriend. Your husband is right here."

"Jerry, who is my husband?" Angela glanced at Jerry with a confused look on her face.

Everyone, "..."

Malcolm pointed at Arvin and said, "How dare you say you don't know who your husband is when he is sitting right

t so nasty. I am certain that my baby is Fabian's. Huh!" She had only met Arvin twice, but she already had a bad impression on him.

Chuck patted Arvin on the shoulder to comfort him. He could understand what he was going through, but he still had to tell him the cruel truth, "Angela got herself hypnotized before taking the medicine. She convinced herself that, 'She is Fabian's girlfriend and her baby is his.'

So when Angela woke up, the first person she was looking for was Fabian.

Everyone, "..."

They couldn't believe what Angela had done.

Angela was tormenting Arvin to death.

Everyone felt sympathetic towards Arvin.

Arvin put his hands on the forehead, not knowing how to deal with the situation he had found himself in. He should have kept an eye on what Angela was working on. Arvin thought, 'I should have kept an eye on her, so she wouldn't have been able to develop such a troublesome medicine.'

"Then how is the baby now?" Arvin asked Chuck.

Chuck shook his head with positivity. His daughter was a genius. She had managed to give herself catathymic amnesia while making sure that her baby would be unharmed by the medicine. Chuck replied, "The baby is fine. I have another good news for you."

In Arvin's mind, because Angela couldn't remember him anymore, he didn't think there would be any good news.

Chuck continued, "Angela's expecting twins." Patting Arvin on the shoulder again, Chuck assured, "There are two babies in Angela's stomach. They are yours."

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