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   Chapter 291 I'm Arvin's Backup

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6364

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Scott wanted to nod so badly, but Lulu hadn't accepted him yet.

Thinking of this, Scott turned to the upset Arvin and offered, "Arvin, I'll take two days off and visit Angela with you."

Arvin raised his eyes and looked at Scott, "Thank you, bro."

Then, Arvin seemed to have realized something. He gazed at Scott, and asked, "Do you need my help?"

Did Scott want to meet Angela for himself?

Scott felt a little embarrassed and smiled, "Well, I want to see Lulu."

Hearing that, Arvin raised his eyebrows and took a closer look at Scott. It turned out Scott had wanted Lulu after all.

Currently, Scott was engaged in clothing design with Eason. Their company was doing well these past few years.

Sven laughed out loud, gave Scott a punch on the shoulder, and taunted, "Aha! You are chasing after Arvin's younger sister!"

"Scott and Lulu?" Jerry had met Lulu before. She had the same personality as Angela did. Jerry asked Scott with a thoughtful expression on his face, "What do you think of Angela?"

"Angela? She is a nice girl! Clever, adorable, vivacious, and likable!" Scott had wanted to add that she had a bad temper and was not adorable as Lulu, but he didn't.

However, they had grown up together, and Scott regarded Angela as his own sister. He knew Angela and Lulu had similar characters, but he held different feelings for them.

"Liar! That's not what you said before! When Angela didn't follow you, you ran after her to beat her!" Sven immediately exposed Scott's lies.

'Ran after Angela to beat her?' After hearing that, Arvin changed the expression on his face and gave Scott a stern glance.

Scott cried, "Sven, what do you mean? It was Angela who beat me first! I was just bluffing! I didn't run after her to beat her!" Angela was the beloved girl of Scott's sworn parents and sworn brother. He dared not beat her!

Hearing Scott's explanation, the peopl

was able to say something, Sven slapped Malcolm in the head and warned him, "How dare you do that to my mom! Remember my dad's sharp scalpel!"

Malcolm covered his head and blinked his innocent eyes. He looked at Chuck and explained, "Uncle Chuck, I was just kidding..."

Chuck was not too particular about trifles. He shook his hand and said, "Luckily, this is our home. You need to mind your behavior in public. If you got caught by the media, you would be in big trouble!"

Malcolm was an extremely popular celebrity. His every act and move would instantly be magnified by the paparazzi.

"Uncle Chuck, you are right!" Malcolm was flattered, but everyone cast him a scornful glance.

Chuck stared at the other men and asked, "What are you all going to do here today?"

Arvin nodded.

Sven shouted toward the kitchen, "Mom, ask Mrs. Xue to prepare the fruits. Come here now!"

Daisy came over to the living room within one minute and sat down beside Chuck. She asked in confusion, "Why do you look so serious? Did anything important happen?"

The men present all had put on serious expressions, looking at Chuck and Daisy, ready to get down to business.

Arvin opened his mouth first, "Dad, mom, I'm here for Angela. They are here to support me."

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