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   Chapter 290 If You Kneel to Her Immediately

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7500

Updated: 2018-10-27 14:55

When Arvin took out his phone and scrolled through the news apps, he found that the incident was widely reported as expected. The headlines read:

"Imprisoned Seven Years by Bestie, Girl Suffering from Advanced Heart Disease Brutally Kills So-called Friend"

"Arvin Gu's Ex-Fiancée and Famous Zither Goddess Rosa Murdered Her BFF who Imprisoned Her for 7 Years."

After the incident, Arvin went back to J City first.

Angela sat on the balcony, watching the city scenery outside. She knew in her heart... that Arvin wanted to see Rosa one last time before she would die.

Rosa was dying. She was waiting for someone before she would take her last breath.

After seeing Arvin for one last time, she closed her eyes forever, without saying a word.

She had been at the centre of a media storm because of Nita's death, so the date of her funeral was published. The day Arvin paid his condolences was also covered.

The Gu family had attended the funeral for old times' sake.

Arvin was interviewed by the media about Angela's absence. They asked him whether it was because of their emotional incompatibility as rumored. Arvin said drily to the reporter, "I will thoroughly investigate who put out those rumors and promise zero tolerance for them. What's more, my wife is pregnant. It's inconvenient for her to be out. I hope you can leave her in peace."

So, Angela's pregnancy was no longer a secret.

When Angela was four and a half months pregnant, Arvin returned to the Si family's house. He had been away for half a month.

While Angela was in the middle of developing a new medicine, Arvin took her to the Color Ultrasonic Room.

It was obvious to Angela that Arvin was in a bad mood. He did not ask her to leave with him this time. Furthermore, he had been busy dealing with the dispute between the Du family and the Yin family lately.

He would go straight to his room late at night after a busy day.

Angela's heart sank upon thinking about these.

Her mouth curled into a sarcastic smile and said, "Didn't you say that Rosa had no place in your heart? Then, why are you still sad even when I am standing right in front of you? Arvin..."

Many things had happened recently besides his busy work. To make t

es from everyone in the room. He then chuckled, turned to Arvin, and continued, "But if you kneel to her immediately, problem would be solved!"

Now, there was contempt in everyone's eyes.

Daniel, drawing from his own experience, told Arvin, "Bro, just remember. Challenging her with your arrogance only brings a fleeting pleasure, but winning her heart back is a long-term torture."

Every married man would understand that.

Malcolm and Scott were not convinced. Malcolm said, "You guys are so spineless. You are masters in the business industry, the medical industry, and the legal industry... Don't be a coward in the presence of women!

Scott nodded emphatically on hearing Malcolm's words. But he quickly shook his head at the thought of Arvin's presence and said, "However, if the woman is your girlfriend or your wife, you don't need a backbone."

Malcolm squinted at Scott and said, "Dude... Sounds like you've already got a girlfriend. Aren't you still a single man like me?"

Scott grinned at him and said, "If I want to find a girlfriend tonight, you will be the only single man in this room."

"Scott, stop making fun of single men. It's already a pity that Malcolm doesn't have the chance to enjoy the pleasures of love, " Colin said while he slyly patted Scott on the shoulder. He was teasing Malcolm with him.

Since Malcolm had been a famous celebrity, both his company and his agent forbade him from dating any women, so he had been single for many years now!

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