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   Chapter 289 Nita Was Dead

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Rosa picked up a cup of tea and asked Finn, "I'm sorry, Auntie Finn, but can I have a moment alone with Nita? I... want to tell her something."

Finn nodded her head and left the room. She closed the door to prevent other people from bothering them.

Nita cast a glimpse at Rosa. "Just tell me what tricks you're going to play, " said she.

Rosa stood up and put her glass on Nita's night table.

There were some medicine and another glass of water on it.

She glanced at Nita who was lying on the bed with eyes closed. Then, she took something out of her pocket and placed it into the water.

"Nita, I'm dying..." said she. She burst into a cough shortly. It was after a long time when she stopped coughing.

Nita was indifferent with her cough. "That's all you want to say?" she asked.

"Of course not!" Rosa took a sip of tea.

Nita remembered that she hadn't take her medicine, yet. She sat up with all her strength and picked up the medicine. Then, she took it quickly, and then she drank the glass of water.

Rosa gave a malicious smile and went on, "Do you know who raped you?"

Nita stared at Rosa out of anger and shouted, "Bitch! Don't talk about this with me!" She already knew who did it, and she hated talking about it.

"Hahaha! You know what? That day you fell into the swimming pool, it was me, not Angela, who asked the bodyguard to take you to the hotel." Nita was shocked, and Rosa continued, "It was me who let you take the medicine you prepared for Angela and had Angela's bodyguard sleep with you." Rosa burst into laughter immediately.

Nita was infuriated with the fact. "You evil bitch!" she cursed Rosa.

Rosa stopped laughing and replied to her indifferently, "You are right. I'm evil, but you are just as evil as I am!"

Adam was in prison now, so she couldn't take her revenge on him. But Nita was not as lucky as Adam, Rosa would punish her in her own way.

Half an hour later, Rosa tidied herself and was ready to get out of the room. When she opened the door, Rosa ran into Finn who w

is dead, " Arvin told her.

"What?" She couldn't believe what she had heard. She realized that it was true as she saw Arvin's serious eyes.

Arvin nodded, "Rosa killed her." He didn't tell her more details because... the method she used was too cruel.

She put drugs in Nita's glass which made Nita dizzy. Then, she chopped Nita up with a knife. Nita's hands were cut off, and her face was covered with blood. It was too cruel and violent.

Finn was the first one who found out that Nita was dead. She fainted out of shock when she saw her daughter's body. When she woke up, she went insane.

But Rosa went into the emergency room after she had killed Nita, and now, her condition got more severe, so she was sent to the ICU. The police couldn't arrest her.

"Rosa killed Nita?" Angela murmured. Angela hadn't predicted that this could happen someday, and her skin crawled with fear.

Rosa, who was elegant and refined, the most talented woman in music, killed a person...

"Yes, " Arvin said. After Nita was released from prison because of her mental disorder, Arvin and Sansa worked together to prosecute Nita.

He hoped that the court could sentence her to life imprisonment, but Nita was killed before she received the summons from the court.

This piece of news had spread around J City, and soon, it became a hot topic on the internet.

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