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   Chapter 287 Am I So Weak that You can Bully Me So Easily

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7602

Updated: 2018-10-27 00:13

With tears in her eyes, Angela looked at Arvin. 'Why is he asking me how I would like my wedding ceremony to be?' She snapped, "Arvin, don't you think that you are talking some nonsense right now?"

She had once looked forward to their wedding ceremony, but he had never mentioned anything about it back then.

"Nonsense?" Arvin threw the tissue into the garbage can and pressed closer. He whispered in her ear, "Babe, I have told you that you won't ever be able to escape from me!"

Angela's eyes reddened with anger. 'What a wicked man! He doesn't want me, and doesn't want to leave me alone!'

"Am I so weak that you can bully me so easily?" Angela protested. She now realised that she had been too soft on Arvin. Or maybe it was just that he was shameless enough to ignore all her refusals in the past few months.

"No, Honey. You are not weak, and I can hardly bully you..." said Arvin. If Angela was easily bullied, he wouldn't have had such a hard time pursuing her.

Angela had wanted to retort but suddenly, she heard an uproar among the guests.

Angela and Arvin immediately looked into the direction of the stage. On the large screen, where it was supposed to be displaying Aron and Martha's wedding photos, it was displaying photos in which Aron was together with... Angela.

The first group of photos showed that Angela had entered a hotel, and then Aron followed in. They went into the same hotel and the same room.

The next group of photos showed Angela running out of the Gu family's house, and Aron running after her... Then they drove their cars behind one another, towards the same destination.

In the end, the screen displayed the words, "Scandal of the wealthy family: Two of the Gu family's sons have fallen in love with the same woman!"

Angela recognized the scene from the first group of photos. The last time when she had a quarrel with Arvin when he was out on a business trip, she spent some nights at the hotel owned by Aron's company.

She happened to meet Aron on the ground hall, and it was only then Aron had found out that Angela was staying in that hotel. But he was in a hurry, so he left without asking too much.

Later, Aron went to Angela's room in the hotel, to ask her about what had happened, in a brotherly way

Angela shook her head. She wasn't affected by these slanders. She wouldn't bother to be mad at those nonsense for her baby's sake.

The wedding ceremony continued. Most of the guests were Aron's relatives and friends. When the ceremony ended and Aron had sent them off, he took more time to explain the situation to the guests, so that no one would talk about what had happened later on.

After the ceremony, Angela also found the chance to explain herself to her parents. Then, she went to the garden of the hotel for a walk.

While she was walking, Angela hesitated and wondered if she should explain herself to Martha. After all, it was true that nothing had ever happened between Aron and her. Martha was pregnant too, so she didn't want to upset her.

But, after having second thoughts, she decided that it might be better for Aron to explain everything to Martha by himself.

"Angela Si." Suddenly, a familiar but angry voice interrupted her thoughts.

Baffled, Angela turned around to see who it was. She recognized who it was and asked, "Scott Bo. It's you. What? Why are you so angry?"

She hadn't seen Scott for a long time, so she wondered what she could have possibly done to irritate him.

Scott went closer to Angela and said angrily, "Angela, you are lucky that you're pregnant, otherwise I would have been punching you right now!"

"Why? What's the matter?" Angela stood there pointing towards her stomach and said, "Look. I have a baby here inside me. Do you want to hurt a baby?"

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