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   Chapter 286 Let Your Son Take Care Of Me

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6612

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Angela stuck her tongue out to Nancy and she said, "What made you turn to betray me? You're supposed to back me up. Forget it, just go to bed!"

The three of them said nothing in reply.

After Nancy and Stanley left, Arvin walked into their living room with Angela, and he asked, "Honey, are you hungry? Would you like some snacks?"

Angela said she didn't want to eat anything.

She wasn't really hungry but she was definitely tired after having spent all her energy that afternoon.

Arvin felt sorry for making her tired, so he held her up to upstairs.

But Angela was afraid to be seen like that by others. She looked around anxiously, and fortunately for her everyone had already gone to bed.

All the relatives gathered in their house for the night because of Aron's wedding ceremony tomorrow.

Arvin said frankly, "Am I supposed to be secretive when I'm hugging my wife?"

Angela didn't respond.

She fell asleep as soon as Arvin put her in bed.

The next morning, Angela woke up to Arvin's warm kisses.

She slowly widened her eyes to see a handsome face. It was Arvin, who was enjoying kissing her.

Angela pushed away his face, and said, "Mr. Gu, soon we'll be separated, so please don't touch me!"

She wiped her mouth as she said that to him.

Arvin sat on the side of the bed, and didn't utter a word. After a while, Angela got a bit concerned; she figured that Arvin might have gotten angry at her. But he held her and kissed her again...

It was a while before Arvin stopped. Angela was already out of breath, but she just couldn't help staring at him.

Arvin snickered and said, "You thought I was angry, did you?

Of course not, I was just waiting to taste your lips when you let your guard down."

He was more patient and tolerant than she had imagined.

But she still didn't want to say anything. She just wanted to punch the perky smile off of his face.

"Honey, get up, Aron has gone to get his bride!" Arvin urged Angela

ars to Angela's eyes.

She had once imagined a beautiful wedding like that with Arvin, but that was never going to happen.

Angela presumed to know the reason why Arvin hadn't given her a wedding ceremony.

He didn't love her enough to give her a proper wedding ceremony.

Angela was utterly disheartened but she tried hard not to cry. 'It'll be fine, never mind; we will divorce soon anyway.Just forget it.'

Arvin noticed she was somehow different. He lifted her chin to look at her face, and saw her eyes were full of tears. He asked, "What's wrong, honey?"

Angela took a deep breath and said, "I was moved by the wedding."

Arvin turned to look at the stage, Martha's father walked her to Aron, who then took her from her father's hands. Even Martha was welling up with tears.

Angela's answer was very clever, Arvin picked up some tissue and wiped her tears off and asked, "What kind of a wedding do you want, honey?"

Arvin had actually bought an entire island for their wedding ceremony. He had hired world famous wedding dress designers and even wedding decorators. He had ordered roses from Bulgaria, and also had a customized wedding yacht made just for the wedding.

The more ceremonious the wedding was, the more time it would take. Fortunately, Angela didn't need to worry about that.

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