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   Chapter 285 I Will Stand in Silence for You for Three Minutes.

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Arvin's another aunt answered, "Because you are not as beautiful as Angela."

"Ha, ha, ha, "

... Her words filled the living room with laugher.

Angela bit her lip and stepped closer to their relatives. Then, one by one, she started to greet the elders respectfully, "Grandma, mom, sister-in-law, aunt..."

With Arvin's help, she greeted everyone that was there in the living room.

After all, Angela had been raised in a good family. When she was quiet, she was as graceful as a swan. Although she was pregnant, she behaved elegantly and courteously.

All the relatives had highly appreciated her gracefulness.

"Teresa, you are very lucky to have such a nice daughter-in-law. Why don't you ask her to stay here? It is not appropriate for her to live in her parents' home all the time. Don't you think so?" One of the aunts' words added a dash of sadness to the happy mood.

She was the daughter of Arvin's grandfather's younger brother. She often offended others with her inappropriate and yet straightforward behavior, although she didn't mean evil.

Angela immediately put down the fruit in her hand to defend her mother-in-law, "Aunt, actually it's my fault. It had been a long time since I visited my parents' home, so I went to stay with my parents for a few days. As you all know that Arvin is always concerned about my well-being. So now since I am pregnant, he came to live in my parents' home to accompany me. Grandma and mother had asked me to come back many times on the phone. Mom, I am sorry for the misunderstanding."

What Angela had said was just perfect, and she successfully redeemed Teresa's pride.

Arvin silently pulled Angela close to his arms, and kissed her hair.

He was sure that she still loved him after hearing what she had said.

If not, she would not be there with him

To tell everyone that it was her fault. She tried her best to uphold his grandma and mother's face in the family.

Alas! 'How lovely and sweet

a was just playing with him.

Arvin sighed heavily and asked, "Okay. But if I eat that, will you promise me you won't go back to C country?"

Arvin would gladly eat the bouilli and celery just to make Angela happy. He thought, 'Even if she asked me to eat raw meat, I would say 'okay'. He was waiting for Angela's answer.

"You wish!" However, Angela refused without hesitation.

Stanley walked towards them with Nancy in his arms. Then he patted Arvin on the shoulder and said, "Brother, I will stand in silence for you for three minutes."

Angela was not going to be as easy as Nancy, so Arvin had a long way to go to win Angela's forgiveness.

But to his relief, at least Angela had allowed Arvin to stay by her side.

Angela took Nancy's arm, leaned against her shoulder and said, "Nancy, take good care of yourself when I'm away. I'll come to see you again when the baby is born."

Arvin intended to grasp every opportunity he could get to stop Angela from leaving, so he interrupted, "Don't worry. You can stay here until Nancy's baby is born."

Arvin thought, 'If it were up to me, I would like to ask her to live here forever.'

Keeping Angela's happiness in mind, Nancy sighed, "I think it is a good idea, Angela. I want you to be happy. Stay and I believe Mr. Gu will treat you better."

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