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   Chapter 284 Only God Knew How Much He Desired Her

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Updated: 2018-10-26 04:39

Arvin unfastened his seatbelt and drew closer to her until his lips touched her ear. He put his hand on her belly and gently fumbled on it. Although he touched her through her clothes, Angela still could feel her body burning with his touch.

He whispered in her ear, "Don't you want to buy something for our child?"

His hot breath fell on her ear, sending shivers down her spine. She said, "I don't... want to."

"Say that again. Do you want it or not?" Looking at Angela's coyness, Arvin started to play on words to flirt with her again.

He had controlled himself ever since she was pregnant. Only God knew how much he desired her.

He wouldn't want to miss any chance to flirt with his wife.

"Yes..." Angela changed her mind because she thought it was the right time to start preparing something for her baby.

"Is the baby behaving well in there?" He said as he gently caressed her swollen belly.

"Yes, it's behaving well..." Of course, it was still just a small embryo.

But now, the problem Angela had to face was that this man was trying to seduce her... 'What should I do?'

She urged herself in her mind, 'Angela, refuse him now! You're divorcing him!'

But before she could refuse him, Arvin passionately kissed her lips, stopping her from saying anything.

Angela had no idea why she couldn't resist him this time; before she realized what happened, she was somehow carried to the back seats by him, in a haze.

'No, no! Angela, wake up! You are still angry with him! How can you give yourself to him again?' thought Angela.

She gripped his hand, looked at the roof of the car, and said while panting, "Arvin, let go of me. I need to go... buy something for the baby."

"We have enough time." They had ample time to buy things for the baby later, but for Arvin, there was an important task at hand that he needed to take care of right then.

"No! We are going to get a divorce... you can't do this to me..." Angela hadn't mentioned the word 'divorce' in front of him lately.


Because Arvin had been treating her so well that she didn't even have the chance to mention it.


In the parking lot, after a long while, the black luxury car had finally stopped wobbling.

Soon enough, with a fresh look on his face, Arvin held Angela as her legs were weak, and went upsta

d, "Arvin, why are you being so dramatic? Put me down. I can walk there myself!" Angela struggled in vain as they got close to the door.

She hadn't been back to Gu family's house for some months now. She wondered what the other people would think of her when they saw Arvin carried her like this.

Arvin sensed her thoughts and reassured her, "Grandma and Mom will be so happy to see us. I am not looking to bring you any trouble."

Although it was already eight o'clock in the evening, there were still a lot of relatives in the house. They were in the living room helping with the preparations for Aron's wedding ceremony tomorrow. When Arvin and Angela entered the house, Angela saw a lot of joyful people going in and out of the living room.

The housemaid announced that Arvin and Angela had come back. When they saw Arvin come in with Angela in his arms, the relatives got even more excited.

Before the couple could even greet everyone, their relatives had all started talking about them.

"I've heard that Arvin spoils his wife a lot. Look! It's true! He even doesn't let her walk by herself, " one of the relatives said.

"Is Arvin afraid that his wife will run away?" another asked.

"Right! Wow! His wife's belly looks quite big now. How many months pregnant is she? Is it six or seven months?"

"I've heard that she's only been pregnant for four months. Arvin must have treated her like royalty!"

"Tell me, why didn't I have the luck to meet a man like Arvin, my nephew, when I was young?" asked one of Arvin's aunts.

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