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   Chapter 283 She Is My Wife

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6884

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Watching Angela go away, Fabian felt a little disappointed, so he quickly caught up with her.

As soon as she walked out of the airport, Angela found her CR super car surrounded with a few black BMWs.

She was asked to get in her super car by the bodyguards, and Fabian was stopped by them. Passersby were all in surprise and envy.

Angela became a hot topic on social media again because of her conspicuous appearance and attempt to leave.

From the video posted on the Internet, people could figure out that the bodyguards were sent by Arvin. But people believed that the video was about Arvin picking Angela from the airport, and they were merely flaunting their romance.

Meanwhile, Fabian also attracted a lot of attention. After all, he was a handsome man, and he was also Angela's sworn brother. People were crazy about finding more information about him.

However, it was weird that nothing more could be found on the Internet.

Angela held back her anger and went home with the bodyguards.

Arvin was negotiating a cooperation with Chengyang Private Hospital, so he wasn't back yet.

Angela stayed in the room alone. She felt more and more angry when she thought about what had happened at the airport. Finally, she decided to go to Chengyang Private Hospital to find Arvin.

On her way to the hospital, she called Malik, and he told her that Arvin was in the vice director's office.

Angela got off the car and walked into the hospital. She was greeted by the doctors and nurses passing by. "Miss Si, glad to see you!"

"Hi, Miss Si!"

"Miss Si, long time no see!"


Faced with their greetings, Angela controlled her anger and responded with a smile.

Sven was in the middle of his discussing with Arvin about some lecture in the office. When they were about to decide on something, the office door flew open.

Angela was standing there, her eyes flashing with anger.

Arvin and Sven stood up quickly. "Babe!" Sven was one step closer to Angela. When he was about to put his arms around Angela, he was stopped by Ar

though her words were sharp, her face softened.

Arvin whispered to her ears, "It's my fault. Babe, I'll take you to anywhere you want to go. Can you stop being angry for the sake of our baby?"

As a doctor, Arvin knew that when a woman was pregnant, the change of progesterone levels would affect her state of mind. A pregnant woman was prone to sudden mood swings.

Therefore, no matter how much Angela vented out her anger on him, he wouldn't get angry.

On the contrary, he would treat her well, amuse her, and satisfy her needs.

"Well, I want to watch a 5D horror movie in the cinema. I also want to ride the roller coaster and a ferris wheel... Accompany me!"

Arvin was speechless. Who would seek thrill after getting pregnant? "Okay, we can go to the cinema. But in consideration of the prenatal education, how about we watch an animated movie?"

He suggested doing something less risky.

"No! Finish your work. I'll go home." She was annoyed every time she saw Arvin because she didn't know how to face their relationship, so she thought it was better to stay away from him!

Arvin glanced at her and kept silent. He brought her into the elevator.

After walking out of the hospital, Arvin drove her to a shopping mall.

"Why did you drive me here?" Arvin parked his car in the underground parking lot, but Angela didn't want to go shopping.

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