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   Chapter 282 Did Arvin Know

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"What do you want to eat for dinner?" asked Arvin. He was trying to shift the topic.

Angela took a deep breath and said, "Whatever."

"Okay. I am going back to J City tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?" asked Arvin.

"No." Angela refused without any hesitation.


The next noon, Sven, Nicole, and their two sons were having lunch at the Si family's house.

After lunch, Angela thoughtfully asked Sven, "Do you know whether Arvin has done anything about Nita?"

Sven looked at his sister with furrowed eyebrows and said, "Ask Arvin yourself if you want to know."

Angela held up her chin, rolled her eyes, and said, "If you don't tell me, I will tell your wife that you met a beautiful woman in the hospital yesterday and were charmed by her."

Sven listened to her sister's words and said hastily, "Wait! Wait! Angela, you are so good at talking nonsense. Does Arvin know that you are this good at making things up?"

"What does he have to do with it?" asked Angela.

Sven patted her head and said, "Remember prenatal education! Angela, you are now an expecting mother. Lying like this will have bad influence on my niece."

He and Nicole didn't have any daughters, so they expected that Angela would have a daughter.

Therefore, when talking about Angela's baby, he would refer to it as his niece.

"Brother, why are you being so fussy? Can't you just tell me? If you don't tell me, I'll tell dad that you bullied me, " said Angela.

Sven was speechless. What did he do to deserve such an evil sister?

Angela had been hostile to men except her father ever since she wanted to have a divorce with Arvin.

She used to coquettishly beg him if she had wanted something, but now she wouldn't directly threaten him!

Sven shook his head unwillingly and told her the truth, "Arvin had Nita put in jail, but Nita's mother got her out temporarily under the pretense of mental disorder."

"Does that mean that Nita is free now?" asked Angela. This made Angela v

ts to take a walk. She will definitely come back home."

The bodyguard said, "Mr. Li, as Mrs. Gu's sworn brother, can you ensure her and her baby's safety?"

Sworn brother? Angela and Fabian were a little surprised, while the bystanders were relieved. They were not eloping!

Elope? Upon hearing this word, Angela began to understand why the bodyguard had said that Fabian was her sworn brother.

Arvin was smart and resourceful. How could he allow others to talk about his wife eloping with another man?

Not to mention Angela cheating on him...

"Angela's safety? I will take care of her during the whole journey. You don't have to worry about that!" While speaking, Fabian took Angela to the luggage check-in counter.

The ten bodyguards soon blocked their way again, and this time, they spoke in one voice, "Mrs. Gu, please come home with us!"


It was hard not to draw attention under such an intense situation.

Angela took out her sunglasses to cover her embarrassed face and coldly told the bodyguards, "I just wanted to take a walk. Would you dare stop me?"

"Mrs. Gu, we dare not. Mr. Gu told us to bring you back, or we... would have to go wherever you go..."

Angela gasped and thought to herself, 'Arvin is so annoying!'

Filled with anger, she walked toward the exit with stumping steps.

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