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   Chapter 281 How Strong A Rival Arvin Was

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7243

Updated: 2018-10-25 15:37

"Mr. Gu, Angela doesn't love you anymore..." said Fabian. Arvin cast a sharp glance at him, causing a shudder down his spine.

Arvin looked at him and warned, "It doesn't matter if Angela doesn't love me. I love her, and that's enough."

He stuck his fork into a slice of steak and placed it in front of Angela's lips, saying, "This part of the steak is soft and delicious. Try it."

Arvin had already attracted some people's attention when he showed up in the restaurant, so Angela felt embarrassed to let him feed her like this.

What's more, Fabian was sitting in front of them, so it seemed like they were gloating their relationship to Fabian. Angela didn't want to hurt him since she knew how Fabian felt toward her.

She said, "No, please. I can..." But before she could finish talking, Arvin shoved the steak into her mouth.

... She had no choice but to chew the food he had fed her.

Looking at her embarrassed face, Arvin smiled and said, "Don't be embarrassed about it. I am just feeding our baby. Also, I usually feed you like this at home. You've never felt shy about it, so why start now? Honey, stop acting shy."

Fabian was speechless. Did he fly all the way from J City to C Country to see them show off their sweet love?

Angela was also dumbfounded.

But he was speaking the truth. Arvin indeed had always spoiled Angela. With meals at home, whenever he was there at the table, he would always spoon-feed her.

Soon enough, Arvin's set of dishes were placed on the table. It had a vegetable salad.

And in the salad, there were corns that Angela liked to eat but also the purple cabbage that she hated.

Under Fabian's gaze, Arvin carefully picked up the kernels of corn from the salad and put them on Angela's plate, asking, "Do you want more corns? If you do, I can ask them to make a corn salad for you."

Arvin asked her opinion because he remembered that she already had some corns in her bowl of soup this morning, so he supposed that she might be fed up with corns.

Arvin was indeed the person who understood Angela the most.

As expected, Angela shook her head as she already had enough corns this morning, so sh

y, but I am pregnant. Is it proper for you to treat a pregnant woman this way?" The driver and the bodyguard were sitting at the front seats, so Angela had to keep her voice low.

Arvin rested his eyes on her body, put on an evil smile, and said, "Of course, it's proper. It has been over three months, so your pregnancy is stable now. I am a doctor, and I know the limitations, so I can have you now."

Angela was dumbfounded. 'No! No! Why is he talking about this right now?

Weren't we just talking about Fabian?' thought Angela.

She closed her eyes to calm down. Then, she opened her eyes, gritted her teeth, and threatened, "Don't do anything against Fabian. I won't let you off otherwise!"

"Okay, please don't let me off, Angela. Our relationship will last forever, " said Arvin, as he thought in his mind, 'How dare you threaten me for another man's sake!' Arvin grinned evilly. Angela had the nerve to stand up to him.

"Don't laugh. I meant it. Fabian saved me and my child. How can you treat him like this?"

Angela only saw how Arvin was unfriendly to Fabian, but in fact, after the kidnapping happened, Arvin had spent a great deal of money to help Fabian get what he wanted, as a reward to him. But Angela didn't know anything about it.

Arvin didn't want to tell her about it, either. He knew that even if he told her, she still wouldn't forgive him easily.

He'd better not waste time in telling her about it.

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