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   Chapter 280 I Want Some Instant Noodles

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7635

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"What?" Martha Ji was perplexed. 'Why did he suddenly bring that up?'

She had only known a little about it as she remembered that Arvin had posted on the Internet to show his love for Angela.

"Yes, Arvin loves Angela very much, " Aron stressed the point again, "enough for him to willingly be a live-in son-in-law."

'So what?' Martha was still confused. She wondered how she had anything to do with it.

She assumed that Aron was just casually talking about it, so she replied casually, "Well, I see. That's the true love which every woman expects. Women want men who will love them like that."

'True love?' Aron squinted at her and said, "Do you mean to say that you also want true love?"

Aron was over thirty years old, and he wasn't in the age of indulging in romance anymore.

Martha's face had suddenly become stiff, as she came back to her senses where she had to face the reality. The truth was that she married Aron because it was her stepmother's wish, for the company's benefit. So how could she talk about the true love with Aron?

Although she was just a few years past twenty and was still longing for true love, the reality of it all was very harsh to her.

Recently Angela had been staying at home a lot. She didn't risk going to work in the lab ever since she got pregnant.

Sometimes she would go shopping with her friends, but on most days, she would just stay at home.

As she stayed idly at home, she started to feel bored. This led to her thinking all kinds of nonsense and illogical thoughts.

One night at two o'clock, A figure got out of a room and pushed open the door to the next room.

The figure walked to the bedside without making any sound.

The man in bed had just started to fall asleep when he felt someone looking at him.

Arvin opened his eyes and was surprised by what he had seen in front of him.

Standing in the dark was a person with long, messy hair staring at him.

He sat up from bed and was about to defend himself when he realised who it was.

He closed his eyes with relief, calmed himself down and turned on the light. "Honey?" he said.

Imagine that a woman with long, dishevelled hair suddenly appeared at your bedside, staring at you from the dark.

Even as a man, Arvin was really frightened t

s hand. He then looked at Arvin, smiled, and said, "Mr. Gu, Angela and I are going to try and develop our relationship. You see, Angela is quite happy with me. If it is convenient for you, please sign your name on the Divorce Agreement. What do you think?"

'How dare you intervene in my marriage?' thought Arvin angrily. He snapped at him coldly, "I don't think my wife would be happy with you. And let me tell you this, I will never sign my name on that paper! And if I were to have a second life, I still wouldn't sign my name on it. You'd better give up on Angela!"

Angela gritted her teeth and cut the beef steak forcibly, as if she was releasing her anger on Arvin, and said, "Arvin, just tell me, what do I need to do to make you sign your name on that paper?"

Arvin glanced at her, took the fork and knife from her hands, and moved her dish of beef steak to his side. He sliced the beef steak for her and said, "I know you tend to overthink about things because you are pregnant. Did I ever say that we would get a divorce?"

Fabian stopped slicing his beef steak as he looked at Arvin slicing the beef steak for Angela.

Then, he noticed Angela's reaction to Arvin. They both looked so natural as if it was normal for Arvin to help Angela slice the beef steak.

From what he could see, Fabian realized that Arvin really treated Angela with special care.

He was just lucky he had the chance to save Angela's life that day from the fire; he wouldn't have had the chance to approach Angela right now.

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