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   Chapter 279 My Younger Brother Is Handsome, Isn't He

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Both James and Finn had known what their daughter had done to Angela. So she softened her tone, "I beg you. We'll leave J City after Nita recovers. Please let her go, okay?"

Finn was willing to do anything to save her daughter's life.

Arvin sneered and thought, 'Nita hurt Angela so many times. How can I let her go so easily? Maybe she was being too optimistic. I can be kind, but not to Nita.

At the very least, I must put Nita in jail for several years.'

He said to Finn, "Which would you prefer, life imprisonment or taking her away from J City in ten years?"

Arvin's cold voice made Finn tremble from head to toe. She said, "Arvin, Angela is fine, isn't she?" As for Rosa, she isn't your fiancée anymore, why are you still fighting for her? Are you not afraid that Angela would be angry with you?"

Arvin thought, 'Angela is fine in your eyes. But Nita was the one who caused her harm.' In the past, Nita had caused Angela harm more than once by creating strife between Arvin and her.

Rosa was held against her will by Nita for several years. But he didn't intend to avenge her. Just as he had said, he didn't owe Rosa anything anymore since he had already saved her the last time.

Because of the kidnap, Angela had also gotten her arm injured. Maybe it wasn't a big deal to the others, but it was the other way around for Arvin. It almost broke his heart. Besides, Angela was pregnant at that moment. It could have been harmful for the baby.

Right now the most important thing for Arvin was to hope for Angela's forgiveness. Fortunately for Nita, their baby was unharmed, or else he would not have given Finn the opportunity to bargain here. Instead of giving Nita an opportunity to go to prison alive, he would have chopped her up into tiny pieces.

Arvin hung up the phone, not letting Finn say anything else.

Arvin was still living with the Si family when Angela was almost four months pregnant.

Angela went to Arvin's bedroom and knocked at the door. W

eresa and asked, "Mom, who were you talking to on the phone just now?"

Aron's voice had brought Martha back to reality. He was back.

Martha could feel her heart pounding in her chest when she saw Aron.

"Well, with Arvin and Angela." Teresa said inadvertently, "Arvin behaved properly by addressing Martha as sister-in-law."


Aron's deep dark eyes fell on Martha's face.

After Teresa returned to her bedroom with her mobile phone, Aron stopped in front of Martha and asked, "My younger brother is handsome, isn't he?"

Not realizing why Aron asked this question, Martha nodded and thought, 'Everyone knows that Arvin is handsome.'

For the first time in his life, Aron thought Arvin was bothersome.

Aron moved closer to Martha and asked, "Handsome? Do you think he's more handsome than I am?"

Martha looked at Aron from the top to the bottom. He had thick eyebrows, beautiful eyes and a high-bridged nose. Martha suddenly felt that Aron was even more handsome than Arvin.

She didn't know why, but it was just a feeling she couldn't explain.

She said, "I think compared to Arvin, you are more handsome than he is." Martha had no idea she had just dodged a bullet.

Satisfied, Aron sat next to Martha. He twisted her long hair round his fingers and said, "Arvin loves Angela very much."

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