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   Chapter 278 He is A Cruel Demon

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8136

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However, Angela was still mad at Arvin and she was very adamant about her feelings, so Daisy's efforts to persuade her were all in vain.

Angela sighed and said, "Mom, I understand. Please leave me alone." She then took the empty glass bowl and went to the kitchen.

When Angela was near the door of the dining room, a housemaid employed by Arvin came over quickly and took the bowl from her hands and went into the kitchen.

In the Zhen family's house of J City

Nita Zhen was taken away by a group of people soon after she was released from the jail.

Some hours later, when Nita was sent back home again, Finn was disheartened to see what had happened to her daughter. Her face was swollen and red because they had beaten and tortured her.

Nita's arms were limping at her sides. According to Finn's experience as a doctor, she was sure that the sinews on Nita's arms had suffered a partial tear.

Nita crouched at the door with her head between her legs. She was trembling as if she had experienced something horrible.

Finn was in a complete panic and didn't know how to approach her daughter. She wanted to hug her but was afraid of touching her wounds. But in the end, she couldn't bear it anymore but hold Nita tightly in her arms, breaking into tears.

When Nita saw her mother, she buried her face in her mother's arms, crying and screaming.

They both clung to each other and cried for a while. Then, Nita's lower part of body started to bleed. She was losing blood very quick. Finn was so frightened that she immediately sent Nita to the hospital.

Nita had already aborted the baby in her belly the day before she kidnapped Angela and Rosa.

Because of the abortion, Nita's body was already weak on that day, that was why she wasn't able to escape in time and was eventually arrested by Stanley Su and his men.

After the check-up at the hospital, Finn found out that Nita's uterus had been removed, and the treatment after the operation was poorly handled, thus resulting in her bleeding again.

When she found out what had happened to her daughter, Finn almost knelt down on the floor in great horror.

Finn's mind was falling apart as she entered Nita's ward. She wondered why her daughter had gone through such a horrible fate.

Earlier, James Zhen went to the police station to bail Nita out, and he was informed of all the crimes his daughter had committed.

James had regretted not guidi

hings, he asked Kent to do as he wished.

Now even though her uterus was removed, Arvin still didn't feel any guilt for Nita. He felt that compared to all of her vicious crimes, the punishment was far less than what she had deserved.

Arvin confronted Finn, "So are you aware of the crimes your daughter has committed yet?"

Nita had held Rosa captive for seven years.

She had stirred up trouble between Angela and him.

On that night at the Yin family's house, Nita had ordered Rosa to put the aphrodisiac drug in the glass of juice and make Arvin drink it. Luckily, Rosa had switched the drug with sleeping pills in the end, otherwise Angela would've seen him having sex with Rosa at the time.

Nita was raped by Angela's bodyguards all because of her own mistakes. She had suffered the consequence of her own bad decisions.

She had given Rosa a new type of drug and asked her to make either Angela or Arvin drink it, so that they would make an irreparable mistake resulting in breaking up their relationship. However, things didn't go the way Nita had expected. She was pushed into the swimming pool by Angela, and Rosa took that opportunity to make Nita drink the drug herself. That was how she had been raped.

Moreover, the day Angela was kidnapped, Nita had hired some desperate criminals to rape Angela. However, far from Nita's expectations, Arvin had nearly killed one of them and the other man was so scared that he barely got away with his life. Thus Arvin managed to stop Angela from being raped by them.

Arvin assumed that Angela would have never expected Nita to be such a vicious woman.

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