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   Chapter 277 Grape Flavored Red Grapes

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"I want to have some fresh American red grapes!" Angela said.

"No problem!" said Arvin. He could arrange for his private plane to go there and get some for Angela.

Angela put on a foxy smile and said, "I want to eat American red grapes, grape flavored. Mr. Gu, do you think you can satisfy your baby's needs?" Then, Angela rubbed her hands slightly over her stomach.

"Grape flavored red grapes? Angela, would you also like to try some banana flavored apples?" said Sven. He wondered what Angela's real intentions were.

With a sneer, Angela gazed at Arvin who didn't even react, "Well, Mr. Gu, can you do it? If you can't..." 'Then you should go away.'

Before Angela could finish talking, Arvin nodded affirmatively and said, "Wait for a second. I'll ask my people to buy them right now."

... Sven and his sister looked at Arvin with astonishment as they wondered where he was going to find the grape flavored red grapes.

The next morning, Angela was awakened by Arvin to eat breakfast, which was what Arvin had been doing recently.

Angela had slept a lot since she was pregnant. There were so many times when Arvin had to wake her, pull her up from bed, and bring her downstairs to have breakfast.

As her parents saw Arvin pamper Angela unconditionally, they gradually started to forgive Arvin for saving Rosa first instead of their daughter.

Today's breakfast was Chinese style breakfast made by a retired cook who was invited by Arvin. There were steaming dumplings with filling soup, shrimp dumplings, vegetable porridge with Chinese yam, corn and yam water chestnut cakes, vegetable crepes and egg rolls.

It all looked fabulously delicious.

Arvin had invited different kinds of chefs from time to time. Sven often brought his two sons to come over and have the meals with them.

Angela couldn't resist all the delicious food Arvin had prepared so she ate them all.

Unfortunately, she'd often vomit what she had eaten.

Seeing Angela throw up all day because of the pregnancy made Arvin feel terribly sorry for her and so he treated her like a precious gem. T

Rosa, Arvin would be the first person at Rosa's side.

Angela could forget Nita, but she couldn't forgive Rosa.

"I don't want to say anything. If Arvin wants to stay here, let him be. As long as you and dad don't mind, I can carry on ignoring him, " said Angela. Her father had always wanted Arvin to be a live-in son-in-law. It would work perfectly fine if she didn't kick him out.

Daisy shrugged her shoulders helplessly and said, "Angela, you can do whatever you want, as long as you keep my grandson safe. I won't speak any more of this matter. The nanny in your brother's house isn't available today, so I'll have to go and take care of my two grandchildren. If you want to go out for a walk, remember to bring someone with you."

To be honest, Angela could understand her mother's good intentions. Although Daisy favored Arvin and took his sides for many times, she always put her daughter's happiness in the first place.

Everyone makes mistakes. What mattered was the degree of the mistake and the attitude of rectifying the mistake in a proper manner.

The degree of Arvin's mistake had not crossed Daisy's bottom line. And Arvin had been apologizing to Angela with sincere attitude. Daisy wanted Angela and Arvin to reconcile and get back together.

Therefore, Daisy would sometimes spend the night with Angela, trying to moderate the relationship between the two of them.

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