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   Chapter 276 My Baby

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No matter who the child's father was, her mother was Rosa. Sansa would certainly treat her granddaughter with love and patience.

Rosa nodded and asked, "Mom, why did dad not come with you?"

Sansa was hesitant to talk about Albert. She couldn't bear to tell her daughter the truth about him. Albert was angry and disappointed at Rosa, because of what he had heard from Arvin, and so he did not want to visit Rosa. "Your dad has been very busy at work lately. I will try and persuade him to spend a little less time on work after getting home."

Rosa guessed the truth about her father when she noticed her mother's perplexed expression. She nodded disappointedly and responded, "Thank you, mom. I'm sorry for making you both worry about me."

"It doesn't matter Rosa, I... only wish you... to be happy in your remaining time..." Sansa kept crying and was too heartbroken to even speak a word.

The doctor had told her that even with the best medicine and support available, Rosa would have only half a month to live, at most. The doctor had also let them know that it was time to think about preparing for her funeral.

Rosa looked at her aged mother with distressed look, and she cried, "Mom, I am an unfilial daughter, and I feel so sorry for letting you down."

If she could live her life all over again, Rosa would like to be her mother's mother so that she could undertake the duty of caring for her mother for an entire lifetime.

Looking at the baby girl who was sleeping soundly in her arms, Rosa felt lucky and relieved that her daughter would be her parents' next emotional pillar.

She could leave the world with solace in her heart, knowing that her parents would be there to take care of her daughter.

"I am fine, but it annoyed me that Nita was released so soon!" Sansa would definitely sue Nita and Adam for their actions.

Rosa was shocked by the news and asked, "Mom, how could they let Nita go?" This should not have happened.

Finn was able to prove before the courts that Nita was mentally ill and therefore, she was able to escape the legal sanctions against her and was released. However, Arvin continued to pressure the Police to continue their investigations in pursuing her criminal liabilities.

Rosa's eyes were brimming with hate when she heard about Nita's relea

onths pregnant, Arvin was travelling back and forth between J City and C Country.

Angela had extreme morning sickness. She felt too sick to eat anything, and thus had lost a lot of weight.

Everyday Arvin would try different methods to make Angela eat more. He even invited a dozen of chefs specialized in different cuisines to cook for her. Those chefs prepared an extensive menu for every meal.

On a hot summer afternoon, Angela woke up from her nap and got out of bed in a daze.

Next to her bedroom was the study where her father, brother, and Arvin were having a discussion with the door open. Noticing this, Angela rubbed her eyes and walked in. Their conversation came to an abrupt end as soon as she had entered the room.

"Angela, you're awake!" Arvin stood up from the chair, walked over to her and smiled gently at Angela. He intended to tuck her long hair behind her ear.

But Angela eluded his hand, and distanced herself from him.

It did not bother Arvin. He had gotten accustomed to Angela's indifference lately. "Are you hungry? What would you like to eat? I'll have them prepare it for you."

Sven shook his head and sighed heavily when he saw them.

Sven found that Arvin was very patient with his sister. Angela was resolute to leave him while Arvin was resolved to win her heart back.

Angela sat beside Chuck, and took his arm. She looked at Arvin, and said, "I'd like to have some red grapes.

Would that be okay?" "No problem at all!" However, his wife must have other requests...

Sure enough!

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