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   Chapter 275 Aron is Getting Married

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7475

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Arvin was concentrating himself on performing a CPR on Rosa, so he failed to notice that Angela had been hurt. He blamed himself for having been so careless.

If he had known that Angela would be in any danger, he would've definitely saved her first.

The fire was set by Randal. He hid on the second floor and listened carefully to their conversations. He knew that Arvin would come back to save Angela, so he wanted to burn the both of them alive.

Randal set fire to the electrical wires on the second floor, and soon the fire started growing and spreading throughout the building.

Angela confronted, "If Fabian Li hadn't come to save me in time, your child and I would've... been dead. Have you thought about that?" In her moments of despair, Angela hazily recognized Fabian's figure. She felt a bit of relief before she finally fainted.

'My child?' Arvin was so happy to hear that. He kissed her long hair, and said, "'My child', what a beautiful word! Please don't add the other words to it. I won't allow you to leave me, nor will I allow you to marry some other man, and moreover, I won't let you die!"

He would save Angela from harm's way, no matter how dangerous.

Regarding Fabian, he had saved Angela and the baby's life, so Arvin was in debt to him. He would find some way to thank him in the future.

"Mr. Gu, you are so good at saying sweet words. But, this time, I am not going to give in." Angela would never admit that she was actually touched by his words just now.

Arvin lowered his head and was about to kiss her again, but someone knocked on the door. Angela heard Daisy's voice, so she hastily struggled out of his arms and ran to open the door.

"Angela, are you still awake? I've cooked some bird's nest soup for you." It was already late so Daisy had only cooked a small bowl of soup for Angela.

Angela didn't know how to reacted, and she said, "Mom, I've only been pregnant for less than two months. I don't need to drink this..."

But Arvin came over and took the bowl of soup from Daisy's hands and said, "Mom, please give it to me. I will feed it to Angela."

Daisy smiled as she handed it to Arvin, saying, "Arvin, you don't need to spoil her. Let her drink it herself!" Nonethele

she would make a good companion for you. If you are still angry with Arvin, you can live with me in our family's house, and let him stay in his apartment by himself. What do you think?"

Angela felt even harder to refuse Teresa with each word she said. She sighed, but in the end, she had made up her mind and refused, "Grandma, Mother, I'm sorry... I've made up my mind. I am sorry to have wasted all your time."

They all went silent. Lily really wanted to punch Arvin right now.

But Teresa didn't give up and she continued to persuade, "Angela. If you don't consider your own good, you should at least consider for your baby..."

Angela was having Arvin's baby, and so Teresa felt that the baby must be brought back to Gu family. Moreover, she wouldn't be at peace if she couldn't take care of Angela personally.

"Mother, I understand. I will bring the child to visit you then, but right now... I am so sorry." She felt that her state of mind was in a complete mess. Every time she thought about what had happened in the past few days, she would feel displeased and annoyed.

Angela was absolutely determined. In the end, Lily and Teresa had failed and had to leave with nothing but disappointment.

In Yao Hospital of J City, Rosa delicately took her skinny daughter from Sansa's arms. Tears streamed down her cheeks, 'My poor daughter...'

Sansa wiped her tears and said, "Rosa, your child is finally back to you. Get some rest, I will look after your child for you."

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