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   Chapter 274 You Have Been Guilty of Emotional Infidelity.

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6888

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Arvin directly placed his hand on Angela's flat abdomen.

Angela stood up, with her face turning sullen, and said: "This is my baby. It's got nothing to do with you, Mr. Gu. I shalll leave now."

Sophia tugged at Angela's sleeve and said, "Angela, don't be so angry. Clam down and talk to Arvin. We'll go upstairs."

Arvin stood up from the sofa and walked to Sophia. "Sophia, it's fine. I will take Angela back now."

"No, I'm not leaving now. You can go by yourself for all I care. I'll stay here a little longer!" Angela walked away from Arvin.

Arvin smiled slightly and said nothing.

He just followed Angela wherever she went.

Angela was going crazy, but she knew she had to leave in order not to cause trouble to the Li family.

It was already very late in the evening when they headed back to the Si family in C Country. The family was waiting for them at the dinner table.

On the table, Arvin was laughing and cheerfully talking with his parents-in-law. They talked in this way every time when they were at the dinner table. Instead, Angela was having her dinner quietly.

After dinner, Arvin said to Chuck and Daisy, "Mom, dad, I did something to make Angela unhappy. Therefore, I'd like to stay here until Angela forgives me."

Daisy was very glad to hear that the both of them would be staying home. "Good! No problem!"

Chuck also nodded. He was very satisfied with Arvin, because he could always deal with things flexibly. Of course, Chuck was also glad to hear that they would stay together at home.

Angela, the only exception, said resolutely, "No way! I don't want him to stay here!"

Before Arvin could say anything, Daisy refuted, "We know you are emotionally unstable right now because of the pregnancy. But there is no way that you can treat Arvin like this. Arvin wants to spend more time with you, because he knows you are still angry with him. What else do you want? Angela, enough! Stop that!"

Angela couldn't utter a single word. In order to avoid troubling her parents with their affairs, Angela said noth

me that you don't love Rosa, but actually you do love her. It's just that you don't want to admit it to yourself. Arvin, it's over. Please let me go!"

Despite what she had said, Arvin didn't leave. Instead, he hugged her tightly. "Angela, you are wrong. It's not over. You are my wife, and you are also the mother of my child. Honey, we finally have our own baby. How could you have the heart to drive his own father away?"

Unable to break away from him, Angela raised her head and smiled coldly. "If the baby needs a father, I can marry another man!" Actually, she wouldn't marry any other man.

"No. I can't accept that!" There was no way he would let his child call another man father. Arvin was angry at the thought of that.

"Ok, then, I will get an abortion."

Actually, she was lying. She would never do that. She just wanted Arvin to leave her alone.

Suddenly, Arvin gave her a long kiss.

Angela felt like she was about to suffocate before Arvin pulled back. Then he hugged her tightly, and said, "It's fine if you don't want to go back with me right now. But don't ever say that again. I don't want to hear that word ever again!" said Arvin.

"What? I can say whatever I like. Arvin, I don't love you anymore. I don't what you want anymore."

Arvin grasped tightly, with sorrow in his eyes, "Angela... I didn't expect the fire to break out."

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