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   Chapter 273 You Are His Uncle

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Sven turned back to Angela with a confused look on his face. She said, "Add Arvin to the blacklist in front of me. If you dare answer his phone again, I'll cut off all ties with you."

... She seemed to be serious. Sven wondered, 'What was the matter with Arvin and Angela? What on earth did Arvin do to make Angela so angry?'

Sven nodded. He added Arvin's phone number to his blacklist in front of Angela. After that, he asked Angela to check it by showing her his phone.

After Sven left, Angela entered her bedroom with Nicole. Then, Nicole opened the window and said, "When you were not home, our parents had your bedroom cleaned everyday so that, whenever you get home, there will be a clean bedroom waiting for you."

Angela was touched by that. She thought, 'My parents are the ones who love me unconditionally.

It is true that men could never be fully trusted.'

Standing by the window, Nicole turned around to look at Angela. Startled, she quickly came to her and asked, "Angela, why are you crying? What happened? You can talk to me about it."

Angela put her arms around Nicole and cried silently.

Nicole didn't have anything more to say to Angela's silence. She handed her a napkin to wipe her tears.

After crying for a long time, Angela took the napkin to wipe her tears and said, "I am not supposed to cry. I have a baby inside me now. I don't want to make it unhappy."

"What?! Angela, you're pregnant?" Nicole was pleasantly surprised.

"Yeah. I am nearly two months pregnant." When they talked about the baby, Angela's mood lightened. Right now only the baby could make her feel better.

As a mother, she must become stronger. She wanted to prove that she could live a happy life without Arvin.

"Well, Since you are pregnant, why are you still mad with Arvin?" Nicole wondered whether Arvin knew that Angela was pregnant. Nicole thought, 'Something bad must have happened to Angela, or she wound not have come back to her parents' home.'

As they spoke about Arvin, Angela held back her tears and replied truthfully, "We are getting divorced."


Gu" in front of her mother.

Angela saw her mother raise her hand towards her.

Angela was smart enough to show her flat stomach, so Daisy immediately put her hand down and said, "Okay, you are grow-ups now. Take it easy by yourselves and please just talk to him."

"Angela, I miss you so much."

Toot, toot.

Angela hung up the phone as soon as Daisy left.

Knowing that Arvin would be coming the next day, Angela made up an excuse to leave and took the next flight to A country.

When Arvin arrived at the Li family residence, he saw Angela, Selina and Sophia playing with their children.

Angela got a little light-headed for a second seeing Arvin there. She thought, 'How did he know I was with the Li family?'

She didn't say anything and continued to play with Ambrose, completely disregarding Arvin.

After greeting Sophia and Selina, Arvin went to Angela and held Ambrose who was playing with his remote controlled car in his hands, "You've grown taller than the last time I saw you. Come here and take a look at the toy I brought for you and your two little sisters."

Seeing Ambrose go with Arvin, Angela turned around to play with Selina's daughter.

Ambrose felt very happy to see Arvin's present and they happily played with it for a while. Then Arvin came to sit beside Angela and put his hands around her waist, "Honey, how are you? Is the baby doing alright?"

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