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   Chapter 272 You Are Jealous Because I Have A Wife

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8328

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As soon as she stopped shouting, Angela felt like as if the whole world had gone silent.

She noticed the nurses and doctors in the corridor looking at them, shocked and confused.

She instantly regretted it. After all, Arvin was the director of the hospital. Her transgression had completely undermined Arvin's authority and status in front of all the staff members there.

Arvin simply nodded and told her in a gentle voice, "Angela, you are a pregnant woman. You shouldn't allow yourself to get so stressed out and angry as it would cause the baby distress."

His voice travelled clearly and concisely through the silent corridor. Before Angela could even walk out of the hospital, the whole staff of the hospital had already known that Mrs. Gu was pregnant with a child.

'Cause the baby distress? I've just been pregnant for seven weeks. It's still too early to talk about that.' Is he taking me for a fool?' thought Angela.

She got even angrier and threatened, "If you keep coming after me, I will go ahead and abort this child!" Of course, she was just bluffing.

But Arvin took it seriously. He immediately stopped advancing towards her. "Okay, honey. Please don't be angry. I will do as you say."

Arvin pictured what his life was going to look like in the following months. He figured he would have to spend most of it pampering his wife and baby everyday.

However, he would soon find out that the reality was far more difficult than he had ever imagined.

Angela had succeeded in getting what she wanted, and so she left the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Angela went to pack up her luggage at the Shengfeng Mansion. She then left the copy of the signed Divorce Agreement on the table, and dragged her luggage all the way downstairs.

At the ground floor, Angela told the three bodyguards employed by Arvin, "Please go back to working for Arvin. You are no longer required to follow me around for protection anymore."

The bodyguards exchanged glances with each other and shook their heads simultaneously. One of them said, "Mrs. Gu, about what happened the last time, it was all our fault. Please punish us."

Angela said, "No, this has nothing to do with that incident. I meant to say that I am divorcing Mr. Gu, and so your services will no longer needed here. You can go back to Arvin now."

After she finished talking to them, she asked the bodyguards who were arranged by Sven to help her with the luggage and then she left for the airport.

have a fight with Arvin?" Sven started to guess what had happened. Angela had come back home alone, dragging her luggage silently, which was the same thing Nicole would do when they had a quarrel.

Angela impatiently told him, "No. Sven, don't you have anything better to do? If you have so much free time on your hands, you should just go and wander around on the streets. Please don't bother me!"

The couple at the doorway were speechless.

Angela was indeed mad at something, and Sven was unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire.

It was ordinary for Angela to get angry, but she had seldom been in such a violent temper in front her brother and sister-in-law.

Sven and Nicole had always treated her very well, and Angela also would always listen to them. She had never had any confrontations with Sven like that before.

Nicole winked at Sven and pushed him out, saying, "Honey, I have something to say to Angela. Please go back to hospital first."

Sven nodded. He was about to turn around and leave when his phone suddenly rang. He took out his phone and saw it was Arvin calling. He then proudly lifted his phone and showed it to Angela, "Look! Arvin is calling me..."

"Don't answer it!" Angela took Sven's phone away and cut the call.

... Sven was so surprised. He initially thought Angela would be happy as it was Arvin's call.

Now, Sven was certain that the couple were quarrelling. He pretended to abide by Angela and promised, "Okay, I won't answer his call. I am going to put him in my blacklist. Please just talk to Nicole. I should be getting back to the hospital now."

"Brother, hold on!" Angela stopped him.

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