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   Chapter 270 Arvin Called The Police

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Teresa was puzzled by this. "Arvin has saved Angela. Why is Angela still upset at him? Was it not Arvin that saved her?" asked Teresa.

"No. No. What I am saying is that Arvin did save Angela, but Rosa was also there. That foolish boy saved Rosa first! Eh!" Lily answered. Lily was getting angrier at the mere thought of it, so she stood up from the sofa, ready to find Arvin.

Susanna sighed with relief, continued to eat her melon seeds, and said, "I was wondering what the fuss was about. I'm not crazy about Angela being with Arvin anyway. It's only you who insisted on it. And now look! Rosa has a serious heart condition but Angela is still blaming Arvin for not rescuing her first. That does not sound very considerate of her. Arvin has a lot to worry about being married to a childish person like Angela. But if he had married Nita, things would..." She stopped, as she saw the disapproving eyes of her mother-in-law.

Susanna didn't like Angela because of what she did to Nita. She would rather have Angela and Arvin fight and get a divorce soon.

"Nita, Nita! Do you know that Nita is a wanted criminal now? She is wanted by the police. Do you want Arvin to marry that kind of woman? Susanna, what are you thinking about?" Lily said in a harsh tone, as she was still very mad.

Susanna realised that her mother-in-law was agitated by what she had said, so she decided to hold her anger for the moment and said, "Mother, Nita was set up. All right, I won't talk about it any more. Don't be angry, mother."

Lily hummed coldly, stood up from the sofa, and said, "Song, have the driver take me to Yao Hospital."

"Yes, madame, " answered Song. Then he went to find the driver.

Teresa was also worried about her son's relationship with Angela. She said, "Mother, let me go see Angela first." She knew that her third son Arvin was sometimes dull and indifferent in these situations, so she was worried whether he could successfully comforted Angela and make Angela change her mind.

Lily thought for a moment and shook her head, "Angela must be very ups

d around to find that it was Lily.

Lily walked forward, held up her crutch and hit Arvin on the shoulder really hard, while completely ignoring the greetings of the others.

She didn't care about Arvin's reputation. She was more concerned about the fact that her granddaughter-in-law was gone.

But, Arvin didn't even frown a bit, and greeted his grandmother respectfully as usual, "Grandmother, welcome."

She hit Mr. Gu? People looked at each other in surprise, lacking the ability to respond to what they were witnessing.

"Do you know what you've done?" asked Lily. Seeing Arvin's respectful attitude, Lily's anger partially subsided.

Her grandson was a man of character. She had just hit him hard, but he didn't even frown, nor did his face change. It could be said that Arvin had a strong sense of endurance.

Even though he often stayed in the hospital, he went to the gym everyday. He was quite stronger than he looked.

"Grandmother, what is it?" Arvin's eyes met Lily's, and he may have guessed what it was about.

"What is it? You know well enough what this is about. I thought you cared about Angela? Now, at this critical moment, why did you have to go and mess it up? Huh?! Tell me!"

Lily tapped the floor heavily with her crutch The people around them sensed the intense argument between the two, so they went away to give them some privacy...

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