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   Chapter 269 My Home is Also Your Home

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When he got into the house, Fabian saw Angela lying on the floor. The lightbulbs above her had started to explode. He quickly pushed Angela out of harm's way.

He deliberately sheered away from Arvin's eyes and brought Angela to the hospital as quickly as he could. The doctor had checked her condition. Angela had fainted because she felt dizzy at the sight of blood. She had no serious injuries except for the wound on her left arm.

And after the checkup, Fabian found out that she was already pregnant.

Fabian looked at Angela inquisitively, but Angela was too anxious to wait any longer and so she asked him about her baby's safety.

Fabian held Angela's arm slightly as they walked towards the door of the hospital.

When they just got out of the hospital, a person rushed toward them and hugged Angela firmly.

It was a familiar scent.

But she didn't want to be embraced by this person or see him anymore.

"Let go of me!" Angela said in a weak voice.

Arvin buried his face on her shoulder with guilt and apologized, "Angela, I'm sorry."

After Angela had gone missing, he had searched every hospital, but he couldn't find Angela's name in any of them. Arvin managed to remember the number plates of the car that drove away from the backdoor of the house yesterday, only to find out that it was Fabian's car.

He then tracked Fabian's car and finally located Angela's whereabouts.

"Sorry? No, Mr. Gu, I don't want your apology. Please let go of me!" said Angela. She pushed him away, looked at Fabian standing next to her, and said, "Let's go!"

But when she took a step forward, Arvin grabbed her wrist and said, "Angela, come home with me!"

"Come home?" She didn't turn around. Instead, she lowered her head and looked at his hand. She noticed that his arm was wrapped with bandages. But she said, "My home is in C Country. Mr. Gu, please go back to Rosa Yin!"

"You are my wife. My home is also your home!" Arvin said in a stiffened manner.

Angela sneered, "Then we should get a divorce!"

'Divorce?' The word startled both Arvin and Fabian.

"Angela..." When he called out her name, Arvin suddenly noticed the bandage on her left a


Angela put on a bitter smile on her face and disagreed, "Grandma, do you know that? Rosa and I were both kidnapped, but Arvin chose to save Rosa first."

Angela thought that the woman he had chosen at the most crucial moment must have been his true love.

After ending the call, Lily hurried to the living room and shouted, "Oh, my god! Bad news!"

Teresa Xue was about to go upstairs when she heard Lily's shout, she immediately went to the living room, holding a plate of fruit in her hands, and asked, "Mother, what's the matter?"

Susanna Du put down the melon seeds she was eating, turned off the television and asked Lily to sit down on the sofa. "Mother, relax. Please tell us slowly, " said Susanna. Susanna and Teresa had seldom seen Lily in such a state, so they felt very nervous.

Lily slammed her hand on the table and said, "Something went wrong between Arvin and Angela!"

"What's wrong with them?" Teresa asked while she picked up a slice of fruit with a fork and handed it to Lily. But Lily refused the fruit straight away. She had no mood for any fruit, as her granddaughter-in-law had run away.

"You better ask your son! He's done something to make Angela run away. Arvin broke Angela's heart. She doesn't want to be with Arvin anymore and so she's going back to C Country!" said Lily angrily. No! Lily couldn't wait one more second. She had to make Arvin take action as soon as possible and get Angela back.

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