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   Chapter 268 How Dare You Attack Us

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"Okay, we'll let them go once we get the money." said one of the men. At that moment, not having anticipated Arvin's sudden attack, the man who held a dagger against Angela lay on the ground with his hands covering his eyes.

The other man was shocked to see his partner screaming on the ground. Arvin took this opportunity to throw another scalpel at him. Unfortunately, he turned around and successfully dodged it. Instead the scalpel caught the wall behind him.

The man's heart was in his mouth when the scalpel flew close to his ears. Full of anger, he pulled his dagger closer to Rosa, which immediately caused her white neck to bleed. "Damn it! How dare you attack us?"

Rosa was frightened by this. With the blood draining out of her face, she couldn't stop gasping.

Arvin whispered, "Oh no." Then, he said, "Rosa, they won't hurt you. Don't worry. Take a deep breath."

When Arvin was about to save Angela, the man on the ground suddenly stood up. With one hand covering his bleeding eye, he used the other one to stab Angela.

Once again, Arvin threw another scalpel at him. He painfully struggled on the ground.

The gangster standing beside Rosa sensed her abnormality. He felt so frightened that he almost dropped his dagger.

Rosa was dying and gasping for air as she fell to the ground.

The helicopter rumbled in the distance. Arvin gave Rosa some first aid treatments and at the same time comforted Angela, saying, "Angela, don't worry about it. Rosa is in a terrible condition, so I must give her the first aid now."

Arvin was so anxious that there were beads of sweat on his forehead now. Staring at him, Angela tried her best to calm herself down.

At that moment, the injured gangster climbed up from the ground. Arvin had no choice but to tell Angela, "Angela, his upper thigh was injured by my scalpel, try hitting him there as hard as you can."

After hearing what Arvin had said, Angela hastily kicked the bandit really hard.

he hospital now. Let's go!"

Angela stood up from the sofa and walked towards the door with the man.

Fabian could not stop repeating what he had said many times, "Angela, you are pregnant and the wound on your arm hasn't healed yet. You'd better stay here for another two days."

Tanner was the one who had informed Fabian of Angela's accident. He also mentioned that the Gu family was looking for Angela secretly.

Upon hearing the news, Fabian got anxious for her safety. But Tanner wouldn't let him go unless he agreed to hand over their father's will to him.

Fabian, however, didn't agree with Tanner's request. He hacked into Nita's mobile phone, wiretapped her call records and successfully located Angela in the cemetery.

By the time Fabian figured out that Nita was the only person who would do something so evil to Angela, it had been the morning of the next day. Therefore, he and Arvin arrived at the cemetery almost at the same time.

He watched Arvin follow Adam to a house and found several people running out from the back of the house. It was then that he realised there was a back door in the cemetery.

The house had been on fire when he finally found the hidden back door. On his way to the house, he saw the two injured men. Without hesitation, he continued inside the house.

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