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   Chapter 267 Angela Always Has Many Wicked Ideas in Her Mind

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"But..." Rosa Yin tittered and continued, "Arvin wanted to have me, but I refused as I already have Adam. I wouldn't do anything unfaithful to my husband."

Of course, Rosa had made up that part of story.

As soon as Rosa finished talking, Nita came over, stared down at Angela, and said with contempt, "We've kidnapped you and brought you here on purpose. Relax, you are the Si family's dear daughter and Arvin's wife, so we dare not kill you. I just want to wake you up from your daydream. I want to show you who is more important to Arvin, you or Rosa! Hahaha..."

A hint of panic flashed through Angela's eyes, but soon enough, she calmed herself down.

Since nothing had happened between Arvin and Rosa last night, Angela decided to trust Arvin. She trusted Arvin's love for her and trusted that she had an important place in his heart.

Angela's state of composure irritated Nita. She wanted to see Angela beg her for mercy.

"Clap!" A heavy slap hit Angela across the face. Angela immediately raised her head and glared at Nita. How dare this woman slap her!

Seeing the fury in her eyes made Nita happier. "Clap!" She slapped Angela's smooth skinned face again.

Nita then touched her face and said sarcastically, "Look, your skin is so white and delicate. It's swelling up after just two slaps."

She turned to an angrier voice, "But, I won't forgive you! You've had two of your bodyguards rape me! I will get my revenge later. I will let you have the double enjoyment. I have prepared four men for you... Hahaha..."

Next to them, Rosa's face turned pale with guilt. Luckily, Angela's mouth was covered with tape, stopping her from telling the truth. Otherwise, those four men... would've been arranged for her instead.

Then, Randal came up to Angela. He held her chin up, his eyes filled with anger, and cursed, "You bitch! Damn you! Because of you, Arvin had someone hurt me!" He had been deprived of any chance to work, and on top of that, he had lost the most important part of his body. The part which made him a man.

Angela glared at him. If her mouth hadn't been covered by a tape, she would've yelled out, "You've become a eunuch now. You deserve it!"

"How dare you glare at me like this! You want me to punish you with a stick

the people there.

One of the men composed himself and burst into wild laughter. He replied, "They have left!"

Arvin cast a sharp glance at the two men again, which frightened them.

"Arvin Gu, We have daggers in our hands. If you dare come close... we will kill the both of them!" The other man gathered all of the courage he had and yelled at Arvin.

Arvin paid no heed to them and ordered, "Let go of them!"

The two men looked at each other and one of them said, "Fine, but you can only choose one of them. Which one will it be?"

"Let go of her!" Without hesitation, Arvin pointed to Angela.

Angela finally breathed an air of relief. She was so glad that Arvin had chosen her.

She had always known it. Arvin really did love her!

"Hahaha..." One of them laughed viciously and said, "I am in a good mood right now. I am not going to let any of them go! Mr. Gu, how about this? You give us one hundred million in cash, and we will let them go."

Arvin clenched his fists and grinned, "Okay..." As he answered them, Arvin slowly began to walk in their direction.

When the two men noticed Arvin coming closer, they immediately took the hostages back and retreated to the house, warning, "Stop coming close, otherwise I will kill them now!"

The two men held the daggers close to Angela and Rosa's throat.

If money could solve the problem, it wasn't going to be a big deal for Arvin. So he stopped and said, "Let go of them. I will give you one hundred million as soon as possible."

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