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   Chapter 266 Aron, Are You Crazy

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6714

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While Aron kept calling Arvin, Angela was about to enter the house of the Yin family. If Arvin was really doing something, he wouldn't have had the time to cover it up even if the phone call got through.

Angela, in a harsh voice, ordered the maid who was already frightened by her, "Take me to Rosa's room!"

The maid immediately walked upstairs, took them to the door of the innermost room, and said, "This... is... Miss Rosa's... room."

Angela twisted the door knob. She had meant to let the bodyguard kick the door down, if the door had been locked. Unexpectedly, it was not...

Pushing the door open, Angela almost fainted seeing what was displayed in front of her.

A man and a woman was lying and cuddling on the bed, with a light quilt barely covering their upper bodies.

Angela's face suddenly turned pale. Dumbfounded, she stepped back and grabbed the door, to support herself.

She was wrong about Arvin. Arvin still loved Rosa.

The sweet words in the past had turned into the most disgusting lies.

Angela wanted to leave the filthy place at once, forgetting that she had his baby in her womb.

She rushed downstairs, ignoring Albert and Sansa who were stunned to see her there.

She also bumped into Aron in the stairs. Before Aron could respond, Angela had already pushed him away and stormed out of the house.

"Angela, wait!" shouted Aron to Angela. He wanted to catch her, but the bodyguards had already followed her up, so he decided to go upstairs and check first.

Arvin heard a vague roar, "Brother, what are you doing? "

He tried to open his eyes, only to find Aron's furious face. Then, he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, "Aron, are you crazy?"

"Am I crazy?" Aron asked back. "Look at what you have done!" Aron sneered.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe that his brother would cheat on his wife.

Sensing something was wrong, Arvin sprang out of the bed. The quilt slipped from his naked upper body, revealing his

s the scene of Arvin cheating on her. Angela would be so devastated by it that she would rush out of the Yin family's house. Then, someone who had already been positioned near the gate must have kidnapped Angela.

Arvin smashed hard on the steering wheel. 'What an evil woman! How dare she kidnap Angela!' Arvin thought.

It was only half past twelve. Arvin couldn't wait till it was three, so he contacted Stanley first, and then drove to the westside.

When Angela woke up, she couldn't see anything because her eyes were covered with rags.

Not only her eyes, but also her mouth, hands and legs were all restrained.

She could only use her ears to listen in on her surroundings. She made a slight movement, and someone noticed her.

After a while, the rags on her eyes were removed, so that she could see.

Several people sitting around a four-legged table were staring at her. They were Nita, Adam Rosa and Randal.

Seeing Rosa, Angela's anger surged as she thought of what had happened yesterday.

It was this woman that had slept with Arvin.

As if she knew what Angela was thinking, Rosa smiled lightly, stood up from her chair and came over to her, "You've been fooled. Nothing happened between me and Arvin last night." Angela was stunned to hear that, but she couldn't talk as her mouth was covered with tape.

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