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   Chapter 265 Is Arvin Sleeping in the Yin Family's House

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8176

Updated: 2018-10-22 01:46

Rosa Yin looked at her frail and weak daughter with pity in her eyes. Anyway, since Nita had told her that this was her last mission, Rosa agreed to go on with it through the end.

Before she left, Rosa gave some money to Adam Geng and demanded, "This is your daughter. Take good care of her, and I will come and pick her up very soon!"

Adam looked at the money in front of him, but he didn't accept it, nor did he make any promises to Rosa. He warned her, "If you dare have a relationship with Arvin, I am going to kill the both of you!"


After dinner, Lily Mei asked Angela to come to her bedroom again. "Come here, Angela. Let me check your pulse." The last time Lily wanted to check Angela's pulse, she was interrupted because of Nancy's incident. Now, she had the chance again.

But Angela refused as she was already certain of her pregnancy, "Grandma, I'm all right. I had myself checked in the hospital earlier today. Please don't worry about me."

She wanted to let Arvin be the first person to know about her pregnancy, and then let him tell the other family members.

Lily didn't insist on it anymore and she asked, "What's the result of your check-up? Is everything all right?"

Angela nodded, "Yes, everything is all right with me. Thank you for your concern, grandma."

"Alright then, just remember to have a baby with Arvin as soon as possible, so that I am able to have a great-grandson or great-granddaughter. Okay?" said Lily. In the morning, after Arvin had already left the house, Lily found out that Teresa had gone through Arvin's bedroom to look whether there was any condom there, like Aron had said.

Moreover, Teresa also went to the Shengfeng Mansion and the Oujing Apartment. But she hadn't found any condom in all of Arvin's bedrooms. That was to say, Aron had fooled them.

Teresa was so angry that she called Aron's phone to give him an earful. In the end, she warned Aron, "I have made an appointment with the Ji family. Tomorrow, you are to come with me and your father to the Ji family house. We will ask for their kind blessings for your marriage with their daughter.

Keep that in mind and don't try to stir up any trouble."

Aron was dumbfounded.

At about ten o'clock at night, Arvin had just ended a meeting when Kent brought his phone to him. "Mr. Gu. The Yin family called you just now and they said Miss Rosa had a heart attack again. She is bed-ridden at home, and in pain..."

h bewilderment. But she ignored him and went to the garage.

'What was up with the unusual look in her eyes, ' wondered Aron.

Angela had always been well-mannered, so she wouldn't have ignored greeting others. Moreover, the emotions on her face were quite unusual.

Aron immediately took out his cellphone to call Arvin, but Arvin's phone was switched off.

After all, Angela had been a member of the Gu family, Aron couldn't just leave her alone and so he went back to the garage. He drove after Angela, while he was trying to get in touch with Arvin.

Aron called Kent. Kent told him that he had just left the Yin family house, but Arvin was still there talking to Rosa.

'Arvin is in the Yin family house? At this hour? Is Angela... going there to see whether Arvin has done anything unfaithful to her?' wondered Aron.

With that on his mind, Aron stepped on the gas and followed Angela's car closely.

As Aron had guessed it, Anglea really was driving in the direction of the Yin family's house. Behind her car, was a minivan following her. Aron assumed that it was her bodyguards' car.

Soon they arrived at the Yin family's house. Angela got out of her car and asked the bodyguards to ring the door bell.

A housekeeper opened the door. When she saw Angela coming in with her bodyguards, the housekeeper instantly remembered that Angela was the person who came to stir up trouble the last time. She was so frightened that she tried to close the door on them. But Angela's bodyguards stopped her from closing the door. They pushed open it with force, and then they all stormed into the house aggressively.

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