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   Chapter 264 Am I Pregnant

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6847

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In the office, Angela passed the form to the doctor and asked eagerly, "Doctor, am I pregnant?"

"Yes, you've been pregnant for seven weeks. How many times did you see blood?"

"......Only Once."

"After you slept together?"

"Well...... Yes."

The old doctor took off her spectacles and said, "Things are usually unstable in the early stages of pregnancy, but it's a miracle that you still have your baby inside after that bloody show! You need to pay more attention to it. Try your best to avoid sleeping together with your husband in the first three months of pregnancy. By the way, do you want to keep this baby?"

After all, Angela looked a little young for her age. Usually many young people opt to give up their baby during pregnancy.

Angela was totally flushed and nodded in a hurry, "Of course, I will keep the baby!"

The baby witnessed the love between Arvin and her. Of course she would keep the baby.

"Ok. Then don't forget what I have said. Pay more attention, and have an examination again a month later."

"Okay, I've got it. Thank you very much!"

Taking back the B-ultrasonic form, Angela was about to rush out. Suddenly, she thought of her condition and immediately stopped. Then with small, careful steps, she walked back to Nancy.

"What about the result? How did it go? Angela, are you pregnant or not?" Nancy looked very excited. Seizing Angela's arm tightly, she asked again and again.

Angela, with her mask still on, looked down and said softly, "Nancy, I... well!"

Noticing Angela's lack of enthusiasm, Nancy had become very nervous. "Angela, it's okay. Don't be so disappointed. You will certainly be pregnant later..." Nancy had wondered whether the pregnancy test kit she bought had already expired. The test kit had indicated that Angela was pregnant this morning.

Seeing that Nancy was getting serious, Angela took off her mask at once and said, "Nancy, I am pregnant!"

"Really? Angela, you are pregnant!" Nancy stood up from the chair, finding it hard to contain herself out of exci

the transparent liquid. "What's this?"

Nita said coldly, "Something that can help you and Arvin. You're welcome!" How could Nita allow Rosa to do this if she had other options? If only Arvin hadn't despised Nita.

Adam grabbed the bottle and glared at Nita, "I can't accept this! Why didn't you discuss this with me?" No man would allow his woman to sleep with another man.

Nita laughed. "I spent a lot of money on this. If you lose it, that two million would go to total waste. Adam, I've told you before, I'll do whatever it takes to make that whore Angela go away from Arvin. Then I will send you abroad after I become Arvin's wife!"

Adam was an accomplice when Nita imprisoned Rosa, so they were in the same situation.

Adam did not agree with Nita. Rosa was so scared that she shook her head constantly, "No! If Arvin finds out, he will kill me!" She was just warned by Arvin not to annoy Angela.

If Angela found out that she had slept with Arvin... it would cause Angela to have nervous breakdown because she loved Arvin so much.

How could she even expect Arvin to forgive her for doing that to Angela?

"You have no other choice! But Rosa, I can promise you that this is the last thing you will need to do. If you succeed, I will give your daughter back to you." Nita's finger slightly slipped over the cheek of the sleeping baby girl.

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