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   Chapter 263 You Mark My Word

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Rom pushed up his gold-framed glasses and said in a stern voice, "Aron, that's not how we do things in this family and that's definitely not what has gotten us to where we are right now!"

Even Lacey, who usually avoided commenting on such affairs, couldn't help chipping in, "I have met this Martha a few times. She seemed nice. It's a pity that she wasn't born into a better family. But still, there is no doubt that she's a very nice and honest person. Aron, it's a big decision to make whether or not to keep the baby. I think you should give yourself more time to think about it."


With all those uncalled-for reproach landing on him, Aron tried hard to suppress the anger rolling in his chest. 'What a trap maker!' he thought, 'Arvin is definitely the most devious man in this room that I should be watching out for.

And why wouldn't Martha tell me that she had gotten pregnant when I was with her last night? When I was trying to make out with her, the only thing she had said was that she wasn't feeling well. How the hell was I supposed to link that to her being pregnant?'

The air seemed to have frozen around as the silence dragged on. The rest of the people at the table started to worry that they might have been too hard on Aron and that he had gotten upset about it. They all knew he had a short temper.

Just as Teresa was trying to exert her "motherly charm" to talk sense into as well as comfort her boy, Aron opened his mouth and diverted everyone's attention back to Arvin, "Guys, I will go and find Martha right away and take whatever responsibility there is to take. So, please don't worry about me. In fact, I think we should be worrying about my brother, Arvin. I heard that he still doesn't want a child. Though Angela really wants one, he still refuses to. He once told me that they always use protection every time they do it..."

Nothing got the attention of elders easier than bringing up the idea of adding new members to the family.

Seeing that the conversation had totally turned Aron's mind, they couldn't wait to strike while the iron was hot and play it on Arvin too, which was exactly what Aron was aiming for.

The elders poured out their discontent about Arvin's refusal to have a baby throughout the whole meal. Even when Aron finished eating, he could still hear Lily scolding his little brother. "I've waited so long for a great grandchild that I almost started to think that maybe Angela had difficulties conceiving or maybe I should have prescribed some medicines to her. Now I know that it's you who has been refusing to have a child and keeping us in the dark about it... Arvin, you're breaking my heart. Is this what you want? "

Sitting next to Lily, Teresa hastily stretched her hand to calm her mother-in-law. "Mother, please don't be mad at Arvin. Let's finish br

t a pregnancy test and handed it to Angela. "Here, take a test... No, wait until tomorrow morning to do it."

Still in shock, Angela took the stick numbly and then, unconsciously, placed her hands on her belly. 'Could it be real? Am I really pregnant?' she wondered.

Though nothing was for sure yet, the sheer thought of carrying a baby made her heart skip.

The excitement did not fade at night, so Angela wasn't able to sleep very well. At six in the morning, she got up and rushed to the bathroom.

The test results came out: two bars. She was pregnant!

Overjoyed by the great news, Angela almost burst out into tears. Finally, she and Arvin were having a baby of their own.

'Oh wait... This could be a false alarm, I must go to a hospital to do a full test. I don't want to build up hopes for Arvin and I. We'll be so disappointed if it turns out to be untrue, ' Angela thought to herself as she tried to calm down.

On the way to the hospital, Nancy asked, "Are we going to the Yao Hospital? Do you need your husband to keep you company?"

Shaking her head wildly, Angela refuted, "No, I don't want him to know about this until I am sure of it. I'd hate for him to build his hopes up and then get disappointed!"

They drove to a totally unfamiliar hospital and registered under Mandy's name.

In the examination room, the doctor glanced over at Angela, who had her face covered with a big mask, and then ordered, "Lie down on this chair and do as I tell you."

"Okay." Angela lay down on the small examining chair as her heart thumped with anticipation.

A few minutes later, she stepped out to the lounge to wait for the results. When the nurse called her name, she stood up to fetch her B-ultrasound test result, and then went back to the doctor's office.

As she was going through the paper, a phrase at the bottom caught her attention - single fetus....

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