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   Chapter 262 My Husband Had an Affair with Another Woman

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7966

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Aron was thinking about what Arvin had said to him. 'I am not bad, too? What does he suppose to mean? Did he refer to that woman my mother introduced me to?

That two-faced woman?' He thought about it deeply, and decided that the two-faced woman indeed needed him to punish her more.

In the bedroom

Arvin pressed Angela against the corner wall of the bathroom, preventing her from escaping.

He made her watch him take off his shirt and throw it into the garbage can. He said, "Honey, I'll be more careful next time. Please don't get angry with me, okay?"

Angela was indulging herself in Arvin's sexy body as he took his shirt off, but when she heard his words, she came back to her senses and asked, "Be careful of what? Do you mean that you will be more careful to remember to change your clothes after you have been with another woman?"

'Another woman?' Arvin really had no interest in keeping this up. He promised, "From now on, I won't touch any other woman but my wife. Only with the exception of when I need to perform a surgery."

It would be impossible for him not to touch the female patients if they were in need of a surgery.

"Huh! Except for surgeries? What if a woman pretends to get sick, in order to approach you? What would you do then?"

Arvin said, "I'll only handle the severe cases from now on."

He was so busy at work that he was now only able to accept those patients with severe illnesses or the patients with special cases.

Angela rolled her eyeballs and came up with an idea. She suddenly pushed him away and said, "Okay, I'll see how you behave."

Then, she left the bathroom.

Arvin was confused. Was she cooling down now? But that wasn't like her at all.

He was right. Angela wasn't the sort of person who could cool down that easily.

When Arvin finished his shower and got out of the bathroom, to his surprise, he found that Angela had already left.

He sighed and called Stanley Su. "Where is my wife?" asked Arvin.

Stanley was perplexed and said, "How do I know where your wife... Hey hold on, someone is knocking on the door."

But then Stanley suddenly had a bad feeling, 'No way!' He opened the door, and saw Angela, the person who always deprived him of his wife's company, standing near the door.

Helplessly, Stanley told the man on the other side of the line, "Your wife is back here again. She is takin

ddenly had a bad feeling rising in his heart.

He was right. Arvin suddenly blurted out the big news, "Mom, the woman you introduced to Aron is pregnant. She is having Aron's baby." He paused and continued, "But Aron asked her to abort the baby."

The first part of the sentence was true, but the latter part was completely made up.

Since Aron claimed that Arvin was having an affair, Arvin had decided to make up the story to colour Aron as a irresponsible man.

As expected, everyone at the dining table was shocked. Hogan Gu put down his fork and slammed his hand on the table as he shouted, "How dare you! Aron, you are already thirty-three years old! I have never urged you to get married. But the woman has your baby now, and you have asked her to abort your own child? That's so ridiculous of you!"

Lily sternly stared at Aron, who didn't know what to do, and said, "Aron, you should learn from your elder brother and your younger one as well. You should get married as soon as possible. Stop making the elders worry about you. If you dare let that girl abort your baby, I will break your legs!" Lily remembered the time when Cheryl Ren had suffered an miscarriage because of Baron Li, and how difficult it was for her to get pregnant again.

Teresa said, "Aron, it's okay if you don't love Martha. I can introduce some other girls for you. But if you didn't love her, why did you still have a relationship with her? That's your fault now. Oh! Aron, you really are so over this time!"

Then Teresa told everyone that the girl was the Ji family's daughter, Martha Ji.

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