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   Chapter 261 It was Kent Who Took Action

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8132

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The women present there stopped gazing in admiration and began to talk about what was happening in front of them. "How dare this woman approach Mr. Gu like that? Does she not know that Mr. Gu is already married? His wife is the only daughter of the Si family, " one of them said.

"Yes, this woman is definitely courting death. She is so ignorant. Does she think that Mr. Gu would fancy her? Everyone in J City knows about Mr. and Mrs. Gu's recent marriage and their passionate love for each other. Could it be possible that Mr. Gu would be unfaithful to his wife now? That's absolutely impossible!" another woman said.

"Nothing is impossible for a man. You'll see. That woman is actually quite pretty!"

"Yeah, she's quite pretty. But don't you remember that Mrs. Gu is much more beautiful than that woman? I attended Mrs. Gu's birthday party last time and had witnessed her beauty with my own eyes!"


Arvin suddenly smiled at the woman who was holding to his suit. Although his smile was coldhearted, it was still very attractive to the women there. It made their hearts beat faster and faster. "What's wrong? Would you like for me to heal you?" asked Arvin.

"Yes, yes! Mr. Gu, how about we go upstairs and..." The woman chuckled. She boldly lifted her right hand to touch Arvin's face.

But just before she could even reach him, her hand was suddenly seized by another man, and she was taken away to one side.

It was Kent who took action.

The woman screamed as she hit the corner of a table. It was so painful that she was unable to utter a single word.

Arvin looked at his own suit with disdain in his eyes. He took off his Western suit straight away and threw it in front of the woman, and said, "Since you have no shame, I'll help you become the bitch you so badly wished to be!"

Soon enough, two bodyguards came over to the woman.

The woman suddenly had a bad feeling. She trembled with fear and screamed, "No, no! I was wrong! Please don't!"

Later, there were rumours going around that the woman was sent to a Red-light District in J City where she would have to stay until she was old.

Arvin's ruthlessness frightened a lot of people and no woman dared to get close to Arvin anymore.

After the incident, Arvin bade his farewell and left.

In the car, when Arvin remembered that the woman had touched his clothes, he felt quite disgusted. He asked Kent to drive the car at full speed

ng a woman in his bedroom.

But no, Aron also had just come back home from outside. So to be more precise, he had just come back from a woman's bed.

Aron was still unaware that his younger brother had already guessed what he had done earlier tonight, but he raised his brows and teased, "Nothing serious? But I can tell Angela is mad at you." Angela had always shown her emotions on her face. Right now, her cheeks were swollen with anger.

Angela said to Aron, "Brother, look at your younger brother. He just had an affair with another woman outside while he has a wife at home!"

As soon as she had said that, Angela sheered away from Arvin and ran downstairs.

'Arvin had an affair?' wondered Aron. His shocked eyes met with Arvin's cold eyes. Aron didn't believe that his younger brother was having an affair with another woman. But then, he noticed a red mark on Arvin's white shirt.

'Is that a woman's lipstick mark?' thought Aron.

Arvin did not want to risk causing an accident, so he decided not to run after Angela when she ran downstairs. He followed her slowly, and when she had climbed down to the floor, he picked up his pace, caught her and carried her in his arms.

"Arvin, you jerk. Let go of me!" Angela did not dare to scream out loud so she kept her voice low and slapped Arvin as he carried her.

Soon enough, when Aron was about to close the bedroom door, he saw Arvin come back upstairs with Angela in his arms. He opened his mouth and teased, "You young people must be really energetic!"

"You're not bad, too!" Arvin snapped at him as he carried Angela back to their bedroom.

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