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   Chapter 260 Do You Want to Be Fair

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6708

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Angela thought, 'How lucky I am to have Arvin all to myself because everyone knows that he is an uncommonly handsome and excellent man.'

When she had met Arvin in C country for the first time, she asked the woman who had offended Jane to snare him. Fortunately for Angela, that woman didn't take any action.

If that woman had succeeded, Angela would have surely regretted it.

Arvin looked up and saw Angela sitting on a chair, staring at him with her chin rested on her palms.

"Angela, " he said in a hoarse voice.

"Yes?" Angela responded inattentively.

With love in his eyes, Arvin curled his lips and told her, "If you keep on staring me like that, I wouldn't mind having sex with you right here."

"Stop it!" Angela jumped from her chair and ran to cover Arvin's mouth.

Arvin found her very cute and chuckled.

"You... you... you go on ahead, and I... I will wait for you outside." After letting go of her hand, Angela walked out with her head down. It was really inappropriate for her to stay here because she had sensed the desire in Arvin's eyes.

"Stay!" He took her hand.

Angela turned back to look at him.

"Help me with this formula." Arvin took off his gloves and handed the formula to Angela.

"Me?" Angela pointed at her nose in surprise.

As far as she knew, the formula was very critical and important. She couldn't believe that he just handed it to her. 'Does this mean he definitely trusts me?' Angela thought.

"Yes, I need your help. Go ahead." Of course he had confidence in his wife's ability.

"Hey. Aren't you afraid that I may write down the formula and sell it to my father?" Angela replied jokingly as she looked at the formula.

Arvin lifted her chin and said, "I have sold myself to you. How could I care about a formula? You can take it if you want. Once it is successfully developed, I will be glad to put your name first."

Look, that was just the way men were. They could blurt out sweet words without even thinking. Meanwhile, most wom

litely, "Miss Li, it is very nice to meet you."

"Mr. Gu, how come you're alone? Where is Mrs. Gu?" Everyone in J City knew that Arvin had married Angela, the daughter of the Si family.

Arvin replied, "She is busy at the moment." However, when they referred to Angela, Silvia sensed the love in Arvin's eyes.

Silvia had intended to talk to Arvin a little more, but after sensing his disinterest, she made up an excuse to leave.

After Silvia had left, Arvin looked at his watch. Then, he said to himself, 'I will leave in five minutes.'

Angela didn't like such occasions and neither did Arvin.

Even if he had business with someone, he would prefer not to talk here.

Arvin placed his glass on a table. At that moment, a woman fell into his arms, "Ah! I'm sorry, Mr. Gu, I sprained my ankle."

Arvin got annoyed at the woman's rebarbative behaviour and her coquettish voice appalled him.

The woman was shivering at Arvin's coldness. She felt it was dangerous to even step close to Arvin.

But she had found herself between a rock and hard place.

Then, she put her arms around Arvin's neck, which immediately drew the jealousy of the other young ladies there. Sensing the people's jealousy, the woman became complacent and tried harder to seduce Arvin with a softer tone, "Mr. Gu, you see, I sprained my ankle."

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