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   Chapter 259 Do You Know that You Have A Silver Tongue for Sweet Words

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8468

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Derrick's father couldn't absorb the ongoing chaos any longer and fainted, causing everyone in the church to panic even more.

After Derrick had sent Yvette to the hospital, he received the news that the Luo Group's stock price was going down as the company's reputation was plummeting due to his scandal. The company had lost a great deal of money, and so the board of directors had approved the decision of relieving Derrick of his position as the CEO.

Yvette's surgery was over and her bed was taken out of the operation room. The doctor told Derrick with a grave look on his face, "The baby did not make it. Please see to it that she gets proper rest when she goes back home. You'll still be able to try and have a child again."

Yvette was then sent to her ward.

Before Derrick could say something to comfort Yvette, he received a call from the company staff, telling him that the company's condition was getting worse. Derrick was now in a complete shock.

What was happening to him? Why was everything around him falling apart?

Nothing in his life was going right. That included his career and his love life.

He had to step back and analyse the whole picture again. He had to figure out the reason why and how he had made his life such a mess.

Derrick suddenly thought of Arvin when he walked out of the hospital.

A series of questions came rushing into his mind. How did Yvette show up in the church? How did she know that he was getting married then?

The reporters also showed up soon after Yvette. It had to be more than just mere coincidence and good timing for them to have witnessed Yvette's accidental miscarriage.

Someone hiding behind the scenes must have paid Yvette and the reporters to put on this show.

He wondered why anyone would do such a thing. Did he do all of that just to stop him from marrying Nita?

After his analysis, Derrick was certain that only one man had the power to do all those things easily.

Initially, Derrick was furious as he had begun to understand the situation, but this time, he composed himself first and called Nita. On the phone he said, "Nita, my company's board demands that I resign from my position as the CEO. I might lose my income from now on, and moreover, I might be in debt... But I still want you to marry me. Would you like to work together with me to strive for our happiness in the future?"

As expected, the woman on the other side of the line fell silent. Derrick's heart sank deeper with each minute of her silence.

In the end, Ni

cal liquid into the test tube. When he had filled the tube with the accurate amount, he answered her, "I am not sure if I was saying something sweet, but... I am sure you are the one who knows best whether my tongue is any good or not!"

Angela felt like her brain was going to explode. 'What a shameless man!' Angela's face flushed bright red. She pouted her lips, looked at Arvin and said, "Can't you have an ordinary conversation with me? You shameless man."

Arvin always enjoyed playing on words to flirt with her.

"No, I can't even have a conversation with you whenever we are together, because there are so much more I want to do. Like this..." said Arvin. He pulled Angela into his arms. Like what they did under the sea last time, Arvin kissed her through the mask.

"No, there is a security camera!" Angela assumed there was a security camera in this lab too, as she knew there was one in the lab in the Shengfeng Mansion.

Arvin tittered, "Do you want to try something more exciting here? What do you think?"

"No, no. I shouldn't interrupt your work. Please carry on with your research!" Angela felt guilty for distracting Arvin from his work by coming into the lab.

"Okay, you can stay here and assist me then" said Arvin. He stopped flirting with her as he indeed had an important test to work on.

Arvin gathered his focus and continued working on his research.

It was a known saying that, a man who concentrated himself on his work always looked the most handsome.

Angela passed each item to Arvin, as per his instructions. It was very quiet in the lab. Angela couldn't help but look at Arvin's handsome face, with her eyes glimmering with affection.

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