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   Chapter 258 You Could be the Other Woman

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6723

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As she touched her flat lower abdomen, Yvette walked towards Derrick with confidence, "Derrick, I'm having your baby. Here is the B ultrasound result."

Derrick went through every single word on the paper carefully.

At the end of the paper, it read: 4 weeks' pregnant, single fetus.

Nita clenched her fists tightly. When she was in love with Arvin, she had to deal with other women who were after him. Even now when she was going to marry Derrick, there was also another woman involved.

Why was everything so unfair to her? Why did she have to suffer all this?

It wasn't just Nita. Finn also fell apart. Not only did she have to witness her daughter give up Arvin and marry Derrick, now another woman had come out of nowhere to wreck her happiness again.

She jumped up and rushed over to Yvette before anyone else responded. A tight slap was delivered on Yvette's cheek.

Yvette tumbled and almost fell down on the ground.

She felt a burst of searing pain on her cheek. When she touched it, it had already been swollen. "Ah!" Yvette screamed, pulled Finn's hair, and cried hysterically, "You old bitch, why did you hit me?"

"You bitch, why are you here, right on the day of my daughter's wedding? What are you up to? Huh?" The two women wrested each other despite their status and dignity.

The others came in haste to separate them. James felt ashamed of his daughter's situation and his wife's actions, and sighed heavily, "Finn!"

Upon hearing James' voice, it suddenly struck Finn that it was their daughter's wedding.

She let go of Yvette's hair, tidied up her own clothes, and told her coldheartedly, "My daughter is also pregnant with Derrick's baby. If you really want to be with my son-in-law, you can only be his mistress."

'Isn't it normal for a successful man to have more than one woman in his life?' Finn was open-minded about it.

What Finn had said surprised everyone there. It was very unexpected to see a mother-in-law allow her son-in-law to be with other wome

minutes later, many reporters suddenly swarmed into the church. Yvette deliberately fell to the ground and started crying when she saw them, "Ouch, it hurts, Derrick... Help me..."

Hearing her cry, the reporters came over to shoot Yvette and Derrick. Some of them asked Yvette, "Ma'am, may I please have your name? Why are you here at Mr. Luo's wedding?"

"Are you all right? My god..." A female reporter screamed suddenly. This startled Derrick who intended to ignore the tumultuous performance that was going on.

He saw Yvette bleeding from under her body, and soon the blood was all over the floor.

The church was in utter chaos. Derrick held up the woman in pain and rushed out of the church, "I'll send you to the hospital!"

Derrick couldn't turn a blind eye to this. After all, there were two lives at stake here.

Before Nita could even stop him, Derrick had already rushed out of the church with Yvette, leaving her alone with the reporters.

Nita was furious that Yvette spoiled her wedding. Right then, another group of people burst into the church. It was the police.

She got alarmed by this and she instantly threw away her bouquet to rush out of the side door.

Three policemen went after her immediately, "Nita, we order you to stop right now!"

Nita was out of sight, and so were the three policemen.

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