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   Chapter 257 Five Million

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As soon as Derrick Luo returned to his office, his assistant handed him a cellphone and said, "Mr. Luo, Miss Zhen called you when you were in the meeting earlier. "

'Nita called me?' Derrick was happy about it, so he took the phone and said, "Okay, I see. Please go out now." He was too anxious to wait a minute longer, so he immediately called Nita back, even before his assistant went out of the office.

Nita was waiting for Derrick's call, so as soon as the call was connected, she answered, "Derrick. "

"Nita, where are you now? I have been looking for you for days! Where did you go? "

Nita sneered. She had already known about his affair with another woman. She managed to compose herself, put on an aggrieved look, and said, "I have no idea what's wrong with Arvin. He asked the police to arrest me, so I had to hide here and there because I can't go home. "

"Where are you? I am going to you right now!" Derrick stood up from his seat, ready to head to her.

"No, Derrick. I want to lie low for a while until things simmer down. I'll see you then. Okay?" said Nita.

"Fine." Upset, Derrick sat back on his seat.

"But... Derrick, I'm going through a difficult situation... Could you..." He heard Nita's stammering voice from the other side of the line.

Derrick meditated. He supposed that Nita might be short of money as she was deprived of any chance to work, so her savings might have already been used up. He asked straightaway, "How much money do you need? I'll transfer it to you soon."

"Five million."

Derrick was shocked by the amount of money Nita wanted. His company was at a deficit because of the negative news recently. Even if his company wasn't in a state of losing money, Derrick still couldn't take out so much money in a short time because some of his savings was under his mother's control, and some was invested in financial products.

But he still promised her, "Okay, I'll try to transfer it to you by tomorrow."

"Thank you, Derrick. I've always known you are the man who treats me best in this world. Derrick, please wait for me. When I am safe, I will surely go to see you!" With five million, Nita would now be able to have someone kill Angela!

Derrick felt a w

family members. The Zhen family members were happier than those of the Luo family, of which all members were sulking silently.

When the priest of the church asked them to exchange their wedding rings, the door was suddenly pushed open. All of the people looked toward the door. A woman who used to put on heavy makeup was now pale without any. She shouted excitedly, "Derrick Luo, you can't marry her. I'm pregnant. I have your baby!"


When he saw the woman, Derrick became nervous. He knew who this woman was.

He was drunk that night, and this woman came to lure him... Derrick soon came back to his senses and looked at Nita. He saw the shocked look in Nita's eyes.

Nita realized that Derrick was looking at her, so she moved her eyes at him, with disbelief.

"Nita, please listen to my explanation..."

Nita shook her head and pointed at the woman who was slowly walking toward them. Wearing a distressed look, she confronted him, "She's pregnant. How are you going to explain yourself? Is it really your baby?"

"Derrick, I swear it's your baby. On that night, you told me that you would be responsible for me if I have your baby!" The woman named Yvette seemed aggrieved, and she started to pick up her pace.

Derrick's father came back to his senses from great shock and shouted, "What a mess!"

Yvette was frightened by his father's sudden loud voice and was stopped in her steps. Bewildered, she didn't know if she should continue moving forward.

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