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   Chapter 256 Punctual Arvin

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Angela was focused on talking with Nancy on the phone, so she didn't notice that Arvin was teasing her.

Arvin did it again, but she just took a glance at him and still ignored it.

Arvin probably found it amusing to tease her, so he did it a third time. But Angela was finally realized what he was doing, so she rolled her eyes at him.

Arvin stopped laughing, kept a straight face, and put the milk tea with a straw beside her lips. Then, she took a sip and told Nancy, "Nancy, I have to hang up now. I'll go to your place and sleep with you tonight, so wait for me at home-" She didn't even get to finish the sentence when the phone was taken away by Arvin. "Come on, Arvin. Give it back to me." Arvin didn't hang up the phone but talked to Nancy, "Hey... Angela was just joking. She's not going to your place tonight, and she won't be sleeping at your place again. If she ever says that again, just call me, and I'll take her away. Thanks." Then, he hung up.

Angela and Nancy were both shocked.

When Angela recovered and got her phone back, it was already too late. He had already hung up.

"Arvin! How dare you take my phone away? You bad guy!" She yelled.

Arvin stretched himself to her and said, "Come closer. I have something to tell you." Angela was puzzled, So she leaned forward.

Arvin suddenly held her head with one hand and kissed her on the lips.

What a rude man! How could he just kiss her in public? The two were just making out.

Arvin tightened his grip, so Angela couldn't escape, no matter how hard she tried.

After a while, people around them began to gossip. Then, he slowly released her. Angela was out of breath. Then, he asked, "Am I a bad guy, Angela?" She opened her eyes wide

And nodded hard, so Arvin kissed her again.

But Angela saw it coming. She

e looked so serious.

Angela couldn't help but laugh out.

Then, they began to walk around to mall. Arvin seldom went out for shopping, so Angela bought a lot of things for him, such as suits, shoes, ties, wallets, and brooches...

By the end of that day, Arvin and his four bodyguards couldn't carry any more of the shopping bags.

The Luo Group

A shareholders meeting was being held at the office on the eighteenth floor. They were mostly talking about how the share prices were falling.

An elder shareholder slowly talked to the man sitting on the head of the table and said, "Mr. Luo, don't you know that you're the reason why the stock prices are falling?"

Somebody agreed with him and said, "That's right, Mr. Luo. Your personal affairs with Miss Zhen have brought negative impacts on the group. We hope you can deal with it soon." "We are all bothered by it. We can't sleep well, and we can't eat well, too."

Another one added. The others agreed, And some nodded, all of them saying yes.

Mr. Luo sat there quietly with one hand on his forehead, listening to them speaking.

After a long while, the office went quiet. Derrick Luo simply told them, "I'm going to marry Nita."

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