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   Chapter 255 I Believed Arvin Cared About You

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Updated: 2018-10-20 00:55

"Talk." Arvin gave Angela a chance to speak.

"You let me go first!" said Angela. She would not be fooled by Arvin. What if he still wanted to get on her?

Arvin sat straight, had Angela sit on his lap despite her objection, and moved his head toward her chest.

Angela couldn't help but hold his cheeks with her two hands and say, "I'll talk. But if you don't listen to me carefully, I won't say a word."

Arvin lay back on the seat, held his arms around her waist, brought her closer to his chest, and said, "Think carefully before you speak."

He had a clue about what she was about to say, so he warned her. He would definitely bring her to a new heaven if she didn't choose her words wisely.

Think carefully... Angela was so frustrated that she almost bit her fingers. Finally, she went on to say it, "I am jealous. I don't like seeing you with Rosa. If you still love her or can't let her go, I will leave and give you space..."

While speaking, she discreetly looked at the silent Arvin.

Arvin just caressed her waist, said nothing, and wore no expression on his face, which made Angela feel nervous.

"I... Forget it. That is all I wanted to say. If you still love her, I'll leave! Done!" After she finished speaking, Angela summoned up her courage and looked at his eyes.

Arvin casually said, "Done? Anything else?"

"No. That's all, " replied Angela. The lighter his tone seemed, the faster her heart beat.

Arvin nodded his head, pulled Angela down from his lap regardless of her screaming, and then had her kneel in front of him. He lowered his head with a lascivious look in his eyes and held her chin with his thumb and index finger, then said, "I don't like hearing these words from your mouth. Let's see what else we can do with your little mouth, something that can please me..."

'She'll leave?' Arvin

an bear to see you thirsty. "

When Angela was about to get mad, Arvin placed a cup of milk tea on the table, stuck a straw into it, and pushed it toward Angela in one swift move.

It was from the milk tea shop that Angela frequented. She had wanted to get one on the way, but she gave up since the shop was a bit far from the mall.

"Nancy, does Arvin really treat me well?" asked Angela. 'Well enough that other people could see what he did for me.' That was the part Angela didn't say out loud.

Angela's voice seemed less angry and more mindful.

Nancy smiled, "You fool, people around you see more than you do. Arvin is good for you." Angela was ignorant most of the time, not paying attention to subtle things. If Arvin didn't show his care in an obvious manner, then Angela would not sense it...

Most importantly, according to Stanley, Arvin was preparing for a grand wedding ceremony. He even bought an island on the sea between J City and C Country.

But it was a secret. Arvin wanted to give Angela a big surprise.

Angela barely accepted Nancy's defense for Arvin. She opened her mouth, ready to drink the milk tea.

The moment her lips touched the straw, Arvin took the milk tea away from Angela...

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