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   Chapter 254 To Cheer Her Up

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Angela curled her lips into a sneer when she heard her words. She slowly walked into the ward and said, "Rosa Yin, if Arvin tells you that he still loves you and that you still have a place in his heart, I'll... I'll walk away. What do you think?"

Angela now understood she was very ruthless regarding love. She couldn't allow any other person to get involved in their relationship.

It seemed like Rosa wouldn't give up on Arvin. Angela wondered if she should be the better person and walk out from their complicated relationship, so that she could stop a dying person from being abused by other people.

But, Angela was just amused at the thought of it. She was not such a great and generous person. If she were that great, she wouldn't have been so jealous.

The next moment, Arvin gripped her arms. Angela lowered her eyelids and with a smile, looked at his fingers on her arm. They were such beautiful fingers. It was a pity for Arvin to have to take a scalpel in his hand, because he could have been a hand model.

"That's impossible... Angela, Arvin doesn't..." Rosa stammered as she managed to put on a smile. She wasn't sure if she still had a position in Arvin's heart, but she was sure that she was far less important than Angela to him.

So she'd better answer it herself rather than let Arvin speak out the truth.

"No?" Angela raised her head and looked at her husband. Angela could see the fury in his eyes. But she didn't understand his anger.

She remembered that Arvin hadn't got angry with her in a long time. She wondered if he was getting angry with her this time for Rosa's sake.

"Honey, what do you think? Why aren't you saying anything? If you don't have anything to say, I shall take my leave!" said Angela. She put on a sweet smile.

In the end, Arvin sighed and dragged her into his arms. He held her shoulders and replied, "Angela, you naughty girl. Why are you acting like this again? Don't you know who I really love?"

Angela shook her head and said, "No, I don't know!"

Arvin didn't mind her attitude. He understood what was in Angela's mind, so in order to reassure her, he moved his hands to her waist and kissed her long hair, and said to Rosa, "Rosa. Angela and I love each other very much. I love her whole-heartedly, and I don't have a place for any other women in my heart." He then looked at Angela and asked

nder him. The aura in the car instantly changed.

When she felt his hands touch her body, Angela put on a sweet smile and gave in, "Hey, sir. Please relax and say what you want!"

Angela was afraid that he might want to have sex with her here. Someone had curiously watched them get into the car.

If the car were to wobble, the person would understand what was going on then.

Arvin gently kissed her nose and said slowly, "I was told that you said you would walk away..." He stressed the words 'walk away' in a threatening voice.

So... That's why he was furious.

But, Angela wondered why he said that he was told about it. Didn't he hear it with his own ears? He was there in Rosa's ward at that moment.

With Rosa on her mind again, Angela gripped his hands, stared at his eyes and asked obstinately, "Did I say anything wrong?"

"Did you say anything wrong?" Arvin coldly repeated her question as he tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear.

Suddenly, Arvin gripped and controlled her hands over her head, while he kissed her lips to stop her from screaming.

"No... don't..." She found it hard to breathe and refused. It seemed that her period had ended but she still didn't want to do it in the car.

Arvin's eyes were glimmering with passion now. He started to gasp for air.

He suddenly realized that he had been so stupid to torment himself. He was aware that her period had come, but he had flirted with her there.

"Arvin, listen to me, please? Let's not do this here." Angela managed to come back to her senses and composed herself.

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