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   Chapter 253 Deep Regret

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6087

Updated: 2018-10-20 00:24

In the past seven years, she always reminded herself that she would never be good enough to marry Arvin, but she couldn't help being attracted to his charm when she had met him once again. She was crazy about him.

Her tears fell on the bed and the sadness had rendered her speechless.

Arvin wasn't touched by her tears. "Have some rest. I'll leave now, " he said indifferently.


Rosa called out to persuade him to stay as he was ready to leave.

Realising that her tears didn't work, she wiped the tears on her face. "My disease... has always been treated by you. If you are to be replaced by some other doctor, I'll feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. So could you please go on treating me?" she asked.

Arvin didn't turn back but she could feel that he was reconsidering. Then she went on, "I disappeared for such a long time... because of Nita! They forced me to do so!"

Arvin turned back and looked at her, "You already have a baby with Adam." He said in an affirmative tone.

Rosa was shocked. She didn't think that Arvin knew about it. She tried to find some excuses for herself. Then she uttered nervously, "I... He... I..." She burst into tears once again and shouted desperately, "It has never been my will to give birth to his child!"

Her emotions got out of control and she began to gasp. Arvin felt sorry for her so he walked back towards her bed to calm her down. "You need to keep calm. I'll still pay attention to your disease." he consoled her.

Rosa looked at him with surprise and nodded her head, "Thank you, Arvin, " she said appreciatively.

"Where is the child now?" Arvin asked her.

"I don't know..." Rosa couldn't help crying, "They hid my child and threatened me. Arvin, I spent every day in terror for seven years. They kept me confined in a basement." Rosa

t him eagerly, "I won't compete with Angela but I hope that you won't stay away from me. I'm afraid that I'll have no chance to see you when I die."

What Rosa said was the truth. Arvin clearly knew that she could die at any time due to her illness.

Both of them fell into silence. Later on, Arvin nodded, "Angela..." He was about to say something but was interrupted by Sansa's voice outside the door.

"Angela! What are you doing here? What do you want to do to my daughter?" Sansa asked in a loud voice.

Rosa let go of Arvin's arm immediately. Arvin realised that Angela had seen everything and began to worry about whether she would feel sad.

Standing by the door with hands folded in her pockets, Angela was watching Arvin and Rosa in the ward.

After looking into Angela's eyes, Arvin calmed down quickly. He said to Rosa, "I'll help you check out of the hospital. You can go home and have some rest now."

"Okay, but Angela... Arvin and I... There is nothing between the two of us... I just..." Rosa was afraid of Angela but she finally gathered the courage and told her, "I promise that I won't try to pursue Arvin any more. Don't send me to abroad, please. I don't want to leave J City."

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