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   Chapter 252 Don't Mess with Angela Anymore.

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6456

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After hearing what Angela had said, Arvin chuckled and said, "Honey, don't worry about it. You are healthy and I am sure we will be able to have children of our own. Just let things take their natural course." He kissed her forehead to comfort her.

Having spent so many days with Angela, Arvin knew very well that she was in wonderful condition.

To say the least, it was okay by him even if she really couldn't get pregnant. He was not the only child of Gu family, and his brothers would keep their bloodline going.

Also, being a DINK couple would not be such a bad thing.

The fact was that if they had a kid, it would be the icing on a cake that was already perfect the way it was.

He held her for a while before standing up. Then, he called room service, "Get me a cup of ginger and brown sugar soup."

Angela heard Arvin on the phone. When he came back, she said in his arms, "Don't bother. I doesn't hurt anymore." It hurt a little at first, but she was fine after getting some sleep.

"It will be good for you to have some hot water. "

... 'Okay!'

Back at the Shengfeng Mansion, Angela went to the bedroom next to theirs for a thinner blanket. There she saw the doll Fabian had sent her. Arvin had hid it in the cloakroom.

She covered her mouth, held the doll out, and went out to show it to Arvin, "Hey, does it look like me?"

Arvin grew sulky. Before he got the chance to throw the doll away, Angela took it back to the bedroom.

In order to make her happy, Arvin allowed her to keep the birthday gift Fabian had given her. He loved her very much.

Angela thought, 'Am I the petty one?'

After all, Rosa had a heart condition and Angela knew that she wouldn't survive for very long. Besides, Rosa was Arvin's ex-fiancee. 'Would it be better if I could make Rosa live happily for the rest of her life?' Angela wondered.

Angela walked into Arvin's study with a thin blanket. Then, she said, "

has nothing to do with Angela. I am a married man now, so I can't be expected to be there for you anymore." In the past, Rosa could have had Arvin anytime she wanted. No matter what or when it was.

As long as he showed up, he could solve all her problems.

In order to spare her feelings, Arvin tried his best to make his words sound euphemistic. After that, he took a ring out of his pocket. The diamond ring refracted light in the sun, which was stinging Rosa's eyes.

Angela chose and sent the ring to Arvin in person. Because he was a doctor, he couldn't wear it all the time. But he had been carrying it with him all the time.

Rosa didn't say anything more, but thought, 'That ring symbolizing their marriage would look nice on Arvin.'

Several years ago, they also went to choose their wedding rings together. She picked up a ring and asked Arvin to try it on. His hands were so beautiful that it looked much nicer on his hand than on any other model.

But Arvin hadn't accepted that ring. Using his job as an excuse, he rejected the ring Rosa selected for him.

But now, he didn't refuse this ring, because it was given by Angela.

A ring made her realise the clear difference between Angela and her.

In Arvin's heart, Angela was far more important than her.

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