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   Chapter 251 Arvin will Sleep under the Pedestrian Bridge

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7732

Updated: 2018-10-19 01:44

Arvin wanted to hear her say that she missed him too.

Angela was still angry, so instead of saying something sweet, she said something to irritate him, "No, I didn't miss you. Not at all!"

But she had dreamed about him, dreamed about his handsome face, his hugs and his kisses...

"No?" Arvin asked as he slowly moved his hands down her body, then he playfully moved his fingers on her body, which made Angela instantly close her eyes, bite her lower lip, and blush.

'Damn! This wicked man! Shameless man!'

"Arvin... Let go of me... Otherwise I'll..." Angela stammered.

"Otherwise what? Tell me." Arvin kissed her long hair. His hot breath fell onto her ears, stirring her feeling.

The familiar feeling of his voice and body gradually relieved Angela's uneasiness in the past few days and gave her a sense of safety.

She couldn't help but stretch out her arms to wrap them around his neck. She rested her cheek close to his ear, and said in a trembling voice, "I hate you..." She couldn't utter one more word as she began to sob.

Arvin held her waist and pulled her into his arms.

They held on to each other firmly in silence. How much they wished they could melt into each other's body.

"My dear, " said Arvin tenderly. Angela was forever his beloved woman. He caressingly kissed the tears on her cheeks as he gently smoothened her long hair.

Angela completely fell for his sweetness. She couldn't escape from his love anymore.

She just let him kiss her lips, her body and then they affectionately made love.

The distance had made their longing for each other grow more passionate than that of their first wedding night. They released their passions from the bed, to the living room, the balcony, the sofa, and then finally in the bathroom. After almost a whole night's passionate love, they fell asleep, clinging tightly onto each other.

Angela didn't wake up until the afternoon. Arvin had already left.

She sat up from the bed but suddenly felt her belly ache.

'What's the matter with me? Is my period coming?

When did my period come the last time?' wondered Angela. She was so careless that she even forgot when she had her last period.

Angela went to the toilet and found a trail of blood.

Concerned and upset, she sighed, and sat on the toilet seat in aw

in this hotel?" Angela foolishly asked him.

Arvin burst out in laughter and said, "Three of your four bodyguards are my men." So he would always know where she had gone to.

He also had known that she had met and talked with Derrick.

"Oh, you're right!" said Angela.

"If you get angry with me next time, please just go to either the Oujing apartment or the Shengfeng Mansion, but don't stay outside. Okay?" said Arvin.

"But what if I don't want to see you again next time?"

Arvin held her cheeks with his palm and warned, "I won't allow you to have such a thought again!"

"I am just asking!" Angela's voice was changing as her mouth was being pinched, and her lips twisted into a round circle by Arvin.

"Okay! If you really don't want to see me next time, I will go and sleep under the pedestrian bridge!" said Arvin.

'Arvin will sleep under the pedestrian bridge?' Angela pictured the odd scenario in her mind. It was so unimaginable.

She had to concede, "Forget it. I will try to kill the thoughts of not wanting to see you."

"That's my girl, " said Arvin.

At night in the bed, when Arvin started to desire Angela, she stopped him and said, "No... My period has come."

All of a sudden, Arvin's face changed. Angela saw the disappointed look on his face.

She felt sorry for making him upset. She wrapped her arms around him and said, "When my period is over, I'll go have an examination in the hospital to see if I have any problems with my body, and see whether I am able to get pregnant or not..."

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