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   Chapter 250 By Tomorrow Morning

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Angela went straight to the point and said, "You have already caused me a lot of trouble, so I've contacted a hospital in America. You can take the money and go there for therapy. Just don't ever come back."

Like last time, she took out a gold card from her bag and gave it to Rosa.

It had fifty million in it.

She had borrowed it from Sven.

The hospital in America was also arranged by Sven.

Rosa looked at the card in her hand and smiled bitterly. She said, "If my disease could be cured in America, Arvin would never have let me live in pain for so many years." Although she had suffered from a heart condition, the disease varied from person to person.

What did she mean by saying that Arvin would never have let her live in pain for so many years? That was absolutely nonsense, and it made Angela quite uncomfortable.

She smiled and played with the gold card with her white diamond-encrusted finger nails, and then she said, "I think you should take it back."

Angela was not a person who would pretend to be nice when she was agitated.

"You may leave now, Ms. Si. I will not leave J City." She turned down the temptation of money decisively.

Angela smiled and asked lightly, "So, are you still expecting something from my husband?"

How could Arvin always have so many girls chasing after him? Now, she would have to drive them away one by one.

"Are you afraid of something, Ms. Si?" said Rosa with a sigh.

"What? Do you think I'm threatened by you?" replied Angela. For the sake of her future with Arvin, she would have to drive Rosa away at any cost.

"Yes. Now that you are confident about the fact that you are the one Arvin loves, why do you still need to send me away?" Rosa looked at Angela kindly.

Angela smiled coldly and said, "I don't like it when you are here!"

"You!" Rosa felt quite angry when she heard that.

Noticing that her daughter's face was getting paler, Sansa tried to comfort her. She stared at Angela and said, "Ms. Si, my daughter is not feeling well. You'd better watch what you are saying!"

Angela asked, "So, Mrs. Yin, do you think that your daughter can impose herself on another person's husband just because she is sick?"

Sansa did not have anything to say back.

Angela realized that

her go, she strode to the living room outside and tried to call the reception desk, " Don't say hello to me. I'm mad right now! I have a complaint to make! What the hell is wrong with your hotel? You can't just let anyone walk into people's rooms! What about my privacy? Just wait and see. You'll be hearing from my lawyer soon", shouted Angela. Du...du...du. Before the person on the other side of the call could hear Angela's last word, Arvin cut the line. Angela glared at the man standing in front of her.

There was a loud sound when she threw the phone back. Angela turned around and walked directly into the bedroom.

Before she could take a few more steps ahead, Arvin lifted her up in the air. "Let go of me!" she said.

Arvin didn't respond. He threw her on the big bed and pressed his body against hers. He used his right hand to hold her hands over her head and then said, "I think that you need to be taken care of.

Anyone? Angela, who am I? Huh?"

"I don't know!" Angela turned her face to the other side and tried not to look directly into his eyes.

Seeing that she was resisting his love, Arvin almost lost his temper, but he held it back because he really missed her so much. He lowered down his head and kissed her red lips.

"Babe, I've missed you..." He had really missed her very much.

She didn't even talk to him when he was away on his trip, which made him extremely unhappy. So he concluded his business as soon as he could and went back to J City earlier than planned.

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