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   Chapter 249 Fighting Derrick For Me

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6419

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If it were not for the two bodyguards behind her, Angela would have already been taken by Derrick to be taught a lesson.

Angela held back her smile, stood up from her chair and looked at Derrick coldly, "Watch out for your girlfriend. Don't let her and her bestie seduce my husband or I'll make sure to make Nita's life a living hell."

Angela had the means to do that. And she wouldn't hesitate when she had to do it.

After she finished talking, Angela was about to turn and leave.

"Hold your steps!" said Derrick. He had good reasons for being there. He was a very busy man and if it weren't for Nita he wouldn't even be there talking to Angela

Angela turned and glanced at Derrick with contempt, "Who do you think you are, huh?" If you were not a good friend of Arvin's, I would not have been willing to see you at all." In that moment she had let her arrogance out.

Insulted by Angela, Derrick's face darkened, "Angela, I warn you. If you don't let Nita go, I will go to the police and tell them the truth that you had your bodyguards rape Nita. Think about it!"

His words shocked Angela as she looked back at him in bewilderment. Her bodyguards raped Nita?

Is that even true? What Nita said yesterday was real? Not just nonsense she blurted out randomly?

Her expressions seemed like culpable to Derrick. "What? Can't hide it anymore? Now you are afraid?"

Ever since he took down the scandalous news from the Internet, nobody had mentioned it.

Angela felt it necessary to interrogate her bodyguards. She told Derrick, "I won't admit to doing something I didn't do. About the rape, I don't know who was behind it. And, about her going missing, I really have no clue. Maybe she ran away with other man. That's it!"

Then, Angela stormed out of the cafe.

Hearing her say that Nita had eloped with another man infuriated Derrick. He had meant to catch Angela, but the two bodyguards stopp

gela. Angela looked at Nancy with awe after what she had just heard. She really didn't know about that. When did that happen?

"Right. Stanley told me. That night in the club, Arvin fought with Derrick because he spoke ill of you, and he almost smashed a wine bottle on Derrick's head." Nancy retold the story briefly. A man who didn't allow other people to speak ill of his wife must love his wife very much.

Angela gasped with her mouth wide open. She remembered that one night Arvin went back with the smell of alcohol all over his body. Was that the night? But, apart from being drunk, he looked just normal.

Eh! Arvin was good at masking his feelings.

Arvin would fight his friend just to defend her honour.

At the moment, Angela started having mixed feelings.

The next morning, Angela greeted Lucy and went into the VIP ward. A woman was eating fruits on her bed, while her mother sat by her side taking care of her.

Sansa noticed Angela and asked warily, "Mrs. Gu, what's the matter?"

Rosa put the half-eaten banana on the table beside and said, "Angela, you are here."

Her tone was calm, as if she had been expecting Angela.

Angela looked at Rosa and noticed that her face was still pale and she seemed to be a lot thinner than her usual self.

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