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   Chapter 248 You Should Have Admitted To Your Trickery Earlier, Miss Si

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Malik had never expected that Arvin could still hear his voice. Later on, Arvin asked him abruptly, "Where have you hidden it?"

Malik was alarmed by Arvin's voice. He lied to Arvin, "No, Mr. Gu. I hid nothing. I was just joking with Angela."

Then he burst into dry laughter to relieve his embarrassment.

Arvin was annoyed with the way Malik called Angela, so he pressed Angela against the door violently and forcefully.

Angela grit her teeth to bear the pain. Then she tried to hang up the phone but Arvin didn't give her a chance.

Finally, Malik heard a weird sound from his phone. Realizing what they were doing, he hang up the phone immediately.

'Damn it! Why would you let me hear that?' he complained silently.

They did it for a long time. Angela resisted Arvin at first but was rapt in his love soon.

When she woke up, Arvin had already left. Seeing the marks that Arvin left on her body, Angela complained, "Arvin, you're such a jerk!"

Nobody was in the office at the time so it was extremely quiet.

Angela felt exhausted. She opened the door and walked out of the office. Then she saw Malik who had been waiting for her a long time.

"Angela... No, Mrs. Gu." Arvin had warned Malik not to call her with that name again.

Angela cast a glance at him and asked, "Where is the doll?"

Malik reluctantly replied, "It has been taken away by your husband."

"Where is he now?"

"He went on a business trip."


She suddenly remembered that Arvin had told her that he had to deal with some business in D City and asked her to wait him in their home for a few days.

She thought it was a dream at first, but now she realised that it was true.

Outside the hospital, Angela received a call, "Come out, Angela. Let's have a talk."

The man's voice sounded unfamiliar. Angela asked him out of curiosity, "Who are you?"

"I'm Derrick, " he replied.

At Starbucks, Angela was having a cake at the table. Derrick was siting at the other side of the table with a cup of coffee. Two bodyguards were standing behind Angela, staring at Derrick attentively.

Soon thei

, "Mr. Derrick, I'm really happy to know that you think of me so highly. I stole the heritage of the Si Family and married the son of the Gu Family. Yes, I'll admit that I know how to play a trick or two."

It seemed that Derrick was implying that Sven couldn't inherit the hospital because he was Chunk's bastard son.

Angela felt ridiculed at the thought of Derrick's idea. How could it be possible for her father to do such a thing as he was such an upright and faithful man? Angela felt pity for her father.

She picked up her phone and sent a message to Sven, "Brother, someone thinks that I stole your right to inherit the Chengyang Private Hospital. Is there anything more ridiculous than that?" Then she added an emoji of smirk to the message and sent it to Sven.

Hearing Angela's words made Derrick happy, "You should have admitted to your trickery earlier, Miss Si." he said.

"The tricks I have played are beyond Nita's imagination. If not, I would have never had the chance to attract Arvin. Don't you think so?" Angela asked him.

Derrick nodded his head.

Angela sneered, "I won the battle between Nita and I, and I became Arvin's wife. So? Do you have any problems with that?"

Derrick frowned and looked at Angela with disgust, as she was laughing. Then he said, "I only came here to ask you to release Nita. I am not interested in your conquests or your tales of victory."

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