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   Chapter 247 We Have to Say Goodbye

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6968

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Inside the box, there was a doll with long black hair and a white hairpin on her head. She was dressed like a princess in a beautiful white dress. What surprised Angela more was that the doll looked exactly like her. They shared an uncanny resemblance.

That was because Fabian had asked for the doll to be made in accordance with Angela's look.

She hugged the doll and realised that it was just as tall as she was.

Angela didn't notice that the director who was talking to Arvin just now had already left Arvin's office. Suddenly someone pulled the doll away from her as she was trying to touch the doll's eyes.

She turned around and saw Arvin staring at the doll as if it were his enemy.

"Give it back to me!" Angela said to Arvin angrily.

Arvin quickly threw the doll on to the sofa not too far away from them. The doll rolled on the sofa and then finally stopped at the edge. Fortunately, it didn't fall on the floor.

Angela wanted to rush to the doll but when she tried to take the first step, Arvin grabbed her violently by the arms and pressed her against the desk. Arvin grabbed Angela's wrists with one hand, and tried to make a phone call with the other. The phone was soon answered by Malik, "Mr. Gu."

"Would you come here for a moment?" Arvin kept his eyes on Angela while he was on the phone with Malik.

She was struggling, angry and unwilling to submit.

Malik knocked on the door and walked in. As he subtly noticed them, he shifted his eyes immediately, feeling quite awkward. Then he cleared his voice and said, "Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu."

"Throw away that thing on the sofa away!" Arvin ordered without even turning around.

Angela was irritated by his words immediately. She glared at Arvin and shouted, "Don't!"

Malik was about to walk out with the doll when he heard that. He paused immediately, but when he thought of Arvin's order, he decided to carry on.

"Throw it out!" Arvin said it again mercilessly.

"Don't! That's my doll and you don't have right to throw it away!"

"You are my wife, so what's yours is also mine. How could

the door of the office. She couldn't let Malik throw away her gift from Fabian.

Just as she almost reached the exit, Arvin slammed the office door shut. Before she could even say anything, Arvin kissed her lips tightly.

It was just like the kiss from last night. His kiss was so aggressive that it hurt her lips.

As she realized what Arvin was planning doing with her, she cried out, "Arvin, no..."

"No? Your body language is much more honest than your words." He smirked, which made her blush. He was so experienced in such things. How could she ever resist him?

"Let go of me." To mask her nervousness, she took her cell phone out of her pocket and called Malik.

She had hoped that it was not too late.

Malik answered the call, and Angela was going to talk to him, but what Arvin did at that moment stunned her. She couldn't help cry out, "Ah..."

Malik was confused, and asked, "Angela, everything all right? Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Yes... Yes..." But Angela still hadn't told Malik what she wanted.

Finally, Malik realised why she was calling, and he whispered to her, "Don't worry, I've hidden it for you. I didn't throw it away, but please don't tell your husband, or I'll be so screwed."

As clever as Malik was, he knew how much Arvin had loved Angela, so he also knew whose order he needed to follow when the couple were in an argument.

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