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   Chapter 246 Lulu

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Arvin looked at his stubborn wife and aggressively tore apart the silk nightgown that she had just put on. He then said, in a deplorable tone, "Angela, if you continue to be like this, you'll pay for it."

"Arvin, If you dare to touch me tonight, I 'll ... Oh!" He tugged on to her nightgown and said, "What are you going to do about it? Honey, you know I love you very much. Why are you still mad at me? Be nice, okay?"

"Stop that. I won't be fooled by your words anymore. Hmm..." She was pinned facedown on the bed, so Arvin was unable to kiss her. He then forced his hands over her mouth without her consent.

Angela struggled in pain as Arvin had used excessive force to cover her mouth, "Hmm..." Damn it!

Whenever Angela behaved in an unruly manner, Arvin intended to subdue her. At first, she clenched her teeth to endure the pain, but she soon gave into his vicious cruelty and pled for mercy.

It was late at night and they had made the bedroom entrancing.

In the bedroom next door, Lulu had been staring at the message sent by Scott on her mobile phone for a long time.

The message read, 'Lulu, did you say happy birthday to Angela for me?'

She opened and closed the WeChat several times before finally replying with a word, 'Yes.'

But then she deleted it.

Lulu thought, 'Now that he has a girlfriend, I'd better stay away from him.'

Scott, who was in UK, inattentively looked at his clothing designs as his eyes constantly glanced at his phone.

He thought, 'What's the matter with Lulu? She seemed happy to be with him a few days ago. But nowadays, it seems like she wants to distance herself on purpose.'

She once went back to J City for Angela's birthday party without telling him. Later he got it from her Microblog and contacted her.

Lulu had changed a lot. She had always spent time with him talking about her personal matters, in the past.

But now, she was acting a little differently. He had checked their message history on his WeChat, and found that, whatever he would say to her, she would just rep

Angela had got her marriage license, she couldn't wait to set up a meeting for him.

Alas! He was just in his early twenties. He didn't want to be as silly as Angela.

The next morning, Arvin had already left by the time Angela woke up.

She looked around the empty room and felt distressed at the thought of what had happened last night.

In the morning, Lily was in the garden working on the herbs. After breakfast, Angela greeted Lily and then went to the hospital.

Angela thought about the video Fabian had sent and went to the mailroom for her package. When she arrived, the old man in the mailroom told her, "Angela, Mr. Gu's assistant had taken yours away."

Angela often went the mailroom for her parcels. She was close to the old man, so he warmly called her by her name.

Angela replied, "Okay, I 'll ask him for it." Arvin had seen the video Fabian made for her.

Arvin was talking with one of the directors when she came in to his office. After greeting the director, Angela went straight to Arvin's office for her parcel.

The parcel was about 160 centimeters high and Arvin had kept it next to his desk, where she found it.

Angela put the box down and slashed it with one of Arvin's scalpels. Then, she grinned at what she saw inside the box.

It was the first time for Arvin to see someone open a box with his custom-made scalpel.

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