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   Chapter 245 Don't Go to the Hospital Anymore

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7327

Updated: 2018-10-18 01:09

Arvin was a little shocked by her words. He removed himself from on top of her and said, "Sleep tight. I will go take a bath first."

'Is he angry?'

Covering her chest, Angela felt... quite distressed.

Rosa Yin, this woman, was like a thorn piercing through her heart.

Arvin entered the bathroom. Lying in bed, Angela felt more and more angry at the thought of what had happened tonight. This was probably the worst birthday she had ever had.

She took out her phone, and when she switched it on, she saw a display of words, with a bunch of roses around them. It wrote, "Angela, happy birthday to you!"

'What? Where did this come from? What's this app? Why don't I know about it?' wondered Angela.

As she touched the screen, her name suddenly exploded like fireworks. Then, a couple of seconds later, the picture on her phone screen changed.

From the middle to the sides, clusters of roses appeared one by one. In the end, they were assembled into a sentence again, "Angela, happy birthday to you!"

She clicked on the screen again, and it turned into another sentence, "Lovely Angela, happy birthday to you! Your present will be delivered to the hospital tomorrow. Remember to receive it!"

Then, on the bottom corner, Angela saw the signature, "Fabian Li."

... It meant that Fabian had hacked her phone's operating system to have it display all these things.

She happened to touch the screen, so the whole process replayed again.

Even with her back against the bathroom, Angela suddenly felt a cold chill behind her.

She immediately turned around and found Arvin staring deeply at her phone screen. He saw the roses and the words 'Lovely Angela...'

It was already too late when Angela came back to her senses and switched the phone off. Arvin had already seen everything clearly.

She opened her mouth, as if she wanted to explain herself. But when she remembered what had happened earlier tonight between Arvin and Rosa, she closed her mouth and kept silent.

Arvin seemed to be waiting for her explanation. He stood at the bedside for a few moments, but he didn't hear any words from her mouth.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere between them turned

ilt and held the angry woman in his arms. Angela struggled, but in vain, so she had to bite his arm.

Immediately, there was a teeth mark on his arm. He whispered in her ear, "Are you still angry?"

Angela loosened her bite, let out a cold hum, turned around, and closed her eyes, keeping silent.

Arvin smoothened her long hair with his hand and said, "Work in the Shengfeng Mansion's lab for the next few days. Don't go to the hospital anymore."

It was not safe outside. Nita and Adam would definitely do something to fight back since Arvin had already gotten evidences of their crimes.

Angela sneered, "Is it because Rosa is in Yao Hospital? What? Are you afraid that I will interfere with you and Rosa if I go there?"

Angela was really asking for it! Arvin instantly pressed her on the bed with an immense amount of strength. Then, he turned her body, facing her down on the bed, clung to her, and warned, "Angela, you do want me to punish you, right?"

"What? Are you feeling guilty because I've spoken the truth? Then, how can you be angry with me?" snapped Angela. She wouldn't surrender to his threats, and neither would she admit defeat so easily.

"Angela, today is your birthday, so I don't want to make you angry. Stop making a fuss." Arvin nibbled on her earlobe and took in her scent. Then, his breath quickened.

Angela made efforts to struggle out of his grip, but he locked her down even firmly. She yelled, "Let go of me!"

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