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   Chapter 244 Arvin Will Kill Me

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7014

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Angela smiled, holding Arvin's arm with both her hands, and said, "Miss Rosa, you will never have a chance to marry Arvin because he is my husband now, and we love each other. Please stay away from him, " said Angela.

Knowing Angela intended to piss Rosa off, Arvin played along and pulled Angela into his arms and kissed her forehead. "I'm sorry, Angela. Let's go home, " Arvin apologized to her.

Somehow, Arvin's face changed as Angela moved aside quickly. Angela purposely, yet discreetly, stepped on Arvin's foot with her high heels, so Rosa wouldn't notice.

Arvin had to hold Angela up to prevent her from causing further pain and said, "Darling, let's go!"

Angela put her arms around his neck, then she giggled, "Why are you in a hurry? Miss Rosa feels uncomfortable. Why don't you stay here and examine her?"

"The other doctors can examine her, " Arvin replied.

"Hmm..." Angela murmured.

After Arvin and Angela left the ward, Rosa began to tumble about in bed with her hands pressed against her chest.

"Sorry, Arvin. I'm sorry... Angela, " Rosa spoke to herself.

Angela jumped out of Arvin's arms as they got out of the hospital's elevator.

Arvin was amazed at what she just did. He had not expected that Angela would ever be so reluctant to be held in his arms. He pulled her hands to hold her back. "Slow down, or you'll sprain your ankle, " said he.

Angela shook his hands off and walked forward in the direction of the parking lot.

"Angela, stop!"

Angela was silent. Arvin only heard the sound of her high heels. From the way she walked, he could feel her wrath.

She got in her car quickly. When she was ready to leave, Arvin stood in front of her car.

Angela had to reverse, but something happened. Her car crashed into the wall due to her impatience.

Her CR super car might have been damaged... She felt pity for the car, but she tried to keep an expressionless face.

Arvin patted the hood of her car, indicating her to get out.

Angela's car could only stay where it was, but she refused to get out. She only stared at Arvin in anger. Af

glance to warn her not to say anything, so she kept quiet.

"Good night, Lulu. We'll return to our room now, " said Arvin.

Teresa looked at them out of curiosity and murmured, "Angela is such a kid who only thinks about games." Angela did look like a teenage girl... Teresa wondered whether Arvin felt weird sleeping with such a little wife...

After returning to their room, Angela was pushed and pressed onto the bed by Arvin.

"Babe, listen to me carefully. I was carrying Rosa just because she fell off the bed, and I wanted to help her get back up..." he explained to Angela.

"What does that have to do with me?" Angela inquired.

"You are my wife. You need to know the truth! Mrs. Gu!" Arvin answered.

"If I had never gone to Yao Hospital, you must have married Rosa now!"

Arvin looked at her with eyes full of affection and denied, "No!" He believed that even if Angela didn't come to Yao Hospital, he would find her someday somewhere else and fall in love with her.

"Arvin, I feel tired. Please let go of me. I want to sleep now."

Arvin kissed her forehead gently and touched the watch on her wrist, "Do you like it?" he asked her.

Actually, it was one part of a pair of watches. The other one was for Arvin, but it wasn't finished yet.

Angela shook her head. "No, I don't like it, " she lied.

But she liked it very much. She just didn't want to admit it.

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