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   Chapter 243 Please Completely Disappear from J City

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7334

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Angela believed Sven when he said that Arvin was busy with something important, so she said, "I'm not anxious about it. We are getting along... so well with each other."

'Yes, so well... before tonight happened.' But she would let him explain everything to her when they would be home later.

"Well, if so, then I have nothing to be worried about. But didn't Nita have a good friendship with Arvin before? If Arvin is too benevolent on her, I can help you get Nita away from Arvin, " said Chuck. He had met Nita in some medical conferences before, but he hadn't known much about her private affairs.

Angela shook her head. She was well aware that the problem wasn't with Nita. Arvin showed no mercy to Nita. However, it was... his ex-fiancée whom he had a soft spot for. Angela thought that they should solve all these problems themselves and not drag their parents into the mess. "Dad, Mom, everything is going well with me. Please don't worry about me anymore. I'll go home whenever I'm free, " said Angela.

Daisy stared at her and complained, "Have you forgotten about your home and your parents? Angela, I can count with my fingers the times you have been home ever since you went to college! Now, you have the nerve to promise us that you will go back home whenever you are free!" Luckily, they still had Nicole. Every time Chuck and Daisy missed Angela, they would ask Nicole to come and live with them for a few days, so that they could feel that they had a daughter at home.

"Mom, I'm sorry about that. But, trust me, I mean it this time. Okay?" Wearing a naughty smile, Angela held Daisy's and Chuck's arms as she lovingly looked at them.

Nicole tittered, "Father, Mother, Angela actually missed you two so much. When we went shopping in Green Cold Country, she kept talking about you two, and she even wanted to buy all the best items for you!"

Daisy and Chuck felt at ease after Nicole had put in a good word for Angela. Then, Daisy led Angela toward the door and said, "Okay, you should go home now. It's getting late. Oh! Please have a baby with Arvin as soon as possible. If you don't have the time to take care of your baby, we will do it for you."

Angela paused

keep her company, the woman who made him abandon his wife at her own birthday party.

Rosa nodded and said, "I'm sorry, Angela. I... had a heart attack again."

"How about this?" Angela took a credit card from her handbag, and while nipping it between her index and middle fingers, she handed it to Rosa and said, "Two million in the card. Take it and go to America to cure your disease. If the money is not enough, just tell me then."

Her attitude was so arrogant, putting Rosa into an inferior position.

Bewildered, Rosa shook her head, "I..." 'don't need it.'

But Angela cut in before she could finish her words, "Please disappear again like what you did seven years ago. Please completely disappear from J City." Angela couldn't completely be happy if she was still lurking around.

'Completely disappear?' repeated Rosa in her mind. Her face became even paler. "Seven years ago, I disappeared... but I didn't do it on purpose... I even regret it. If I hadn't gone missing... I would've had married Arvin and even had given birth to his child!"

Rosa abhorred Nita and Adam Geng. She was determined to send them to hell before she would die!

'You would've had married Arvin, and had his child?' thought Angela. Rosa's words pierced into her ears and stabbed her heart.

But when Arvin heard her words, he coldly looked at her and said, "There is no 'if'."

His only concern now was how to coax his angry wife in the most effective way.

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