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   Chapter 242 Why Have You Become Such A Person

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7412

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"My husband is a doctor and a decent man. He can't leave any patient alone. Even if it weren't Rosa who needed his help, but somebody else, he still would've done the same thing. Why are you stirring up trouble between us again? Do you still love my husband?" said Angela. Nita stepped backward with each word Angela said, until she ended up by the wall of the hall. Angela then stopped, too.

"Don't be so smug! Angela, why don't you accept the fact that Arvin still loves Rosa? Arvin could've asked another doctor to take care of her, but why did he have to go handle it himself?" asked Nita.

Her question struck Angela's heart. All of the joy and happiness she felt tonight vanished into thin air because of her question.

Angela told a bodyguard, "Come here. Throw this woman out now!"

Her loud yell attracted the attention of her family members. Sven was the first to approach her. He cast a sharp glance at Nita and confronted her, "Nita Zhen, what have you done to my sister?"

Sven had already been aware that Nita was not a good person. He didn't avenge Angela because he knew Arvin had already taken actions to punish her.

But he hadn't expected that Nita was still not behaving well, even if she had been deprived of the chance to work in any hospital.

A couple of bodyguards surrounded Nita. Ignoring the presence of the other guests, Nita shouted at Sven, "What have I done to her? I didn't do anything to her. However, on the contrary, your good sister ordered her bodyguard to rape me! Two bodyguards! What a vicious daughter your Si family has brought up!"

Both the Si family and the Gu family members, who had just came up to them, clearly heard Nita's words. They were all shocked, and each of them looked at Angela upon hearing her words.

Sven instantly pulled Angela to stand behind him, and ignoring Nita's dignity, he coldly said, "Nita Zhen, are you insane? What nonsense are you talking about? If you dare say one more word against Angela, I will kill you myself!"

Then, he stepped forward and continued, "Even if Angela had indeed done something to hurt you, you deserved it!"

Nita was so dumbfounded by the way Sven protected his sister. She didn't expect that Sven wo

n kept silent as he heard Angela's words.

Of course, he had clearly seen how well Arvin treated his sister. Once, when he went to the beach with Nicole, he happened to see Arvin and Angela banter with each other happily there.

Nicole especially reminded him to observe Arvin's look in his eyes. Arvin was wearing such a gentle and loving look as he was smoothening Angela's long hair on that day.

A person's eyes would show one's true intentions.

Not only to his behaviours during their trip in Green Cold Country, but Sven also paid attention to any news regarding Arvin on the internet. As a man, Sven was well aware that Arvin loved Angela.

After a moment's silence, Chuck asked his daughter again, "Has Arvin told you when he will hold a wedding ceremony for you?"

Unexpectedly, before Angela could answer this question, Sven answered instead, "Dad, Arvin is studying on the patent of 'Baird's Atypical Target Cell Obstruction'. The research work is under its most crucial period, so he is busy. Don't worry about that."

The whole medical industry was looking forward to the patent of "Baird's Atypical Target Cell Obstruction".

But, Sven answered the question also because he knew of Arvin's secret plan for the wedding ceremony.

Chuck looked at Angela, who was emotionless, and nodded, "It's okay if Angela isn't worried about it."

He was afraid that his daughter might be anxious since the wedding ceremony was an important part of marriage.

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